Finally made a decent friend while older is a outdoors rugged type. Started enjoying his stories being from Kansas had lived in Montana Oregon Alaska and a few others.
Daniel has a shit ton of geodes Agate crystal Towers unrefined raw silver and gold even veining moving through crystals.
It was fascinating and I myself being very earthy nature loving outdoors type.
Daniel is 40 I'm 22f still in college part time and working.
Daniel and his wife have had me over for dinner a lot over the two years we have been neighbors.
So me and Daniel have started hiking and rockhounding together helping me grow my collection substantially.
So we packed up some gear for a overnight trip the morning we left we grabbed chisels pry bar rock hammers. We drove up the the Marshall in Colorado were we live.
Dark hair 40 handsome a little bit of a dad bod. Chain smoker but funny great personality.
We smoked a few joints on the way and he smoked a few cigarettes. We talked joked listened to music.
We set up camp only one tent between us but it is large.
First day we found a few really cool jasper and and a few crystals. We had dinner sat around the campfire having a few drinks smoking a few joints.
I could not help it I have a purely sexual only lustful crush on Daniel.
I'm five foot two blonde and pink hair in a shoulder length pixi cut. Almond shaped eyes small button nose full lips soft round face.
I'm petite small frame wide hips flat stomach.Small c cup flat stomach wide hips slightly bowed legs average looking in my mind. Either way it goes I feel safe with Daniel in the middle of nowhere.
Day two it was rainy for most of the day. After the first day I was around Daniel I was pretty much constantly turned on and aroused. We cuddled in our sleep I woke up to his large hands on my breasts and sliding up and my body it was towards the morning. I couldn't be sure but it was made painful clear the hot large stiff rod was his manhood on my lower back. I couldn't help but to wiggle and grind a little bit. I did check he was 100 fully asleep.
Our morning with the rain was spent drinking smoking a few joints playing cards.
He made a slightly sexually suggestive but funny comment. He made a slightly flirty comment to me directly. I don't know why but I just blurted out I want to suck your cock.
Their was a odd moment of silence then he tells me me and my wife are poly. He explained him and his wife are in a open relationship with each other. He did text his wife I read the text. Alyssa wants to blow me?? His wife text back, about time have fun don't be to hard on her lol.
We stared off slow live how his hands on my breasts felt amazing. His passionate kissing was much more then I've every experienced with his hands at work. I was soaking wet we were in the tent. He and I were nude and I was super attracted to his his flabby in places dad bod so I stared kissing his body before I had his very blessed huge dick in my hands and mouth. He had an ample amount of cum to shoot in my mouth. He kissed down and up my body his fingers magical to my kitty. Then he went down on me. It was explosive for me he was great at it and I've never even enjoyed my lady being ate out.
He laid me back and opened my legs kissing up my legs as he went. Before I knew it we was inside of me stretching me wide open. It was almost to much for me. He just rested in me using my breasts and lips as my distraction. By time he slowly started to hump in and out of my body I was drunk on wanting more of him. I was soaking wet welcoming every pump and stroke of his strong body. Then he just dominated me. He smashed pounded my little body under his large body. He was fucking me like I could fully take it. I just kept trying to keep up with him. The sex was amazing he just used me moved me into the position he wanted me in. Each time he moved me it was to get deeper and expand my girl open further. I sounded like a slushy mess I couldn't stop leaking my juice out. I was constantly cumming from his powerful stroke and pounding me. I couldn't tell when It was orgasms or if it all just felt that good. Slowly rubbing my bean with his huge man hood in my kitty. My curled toes in his mouth my other leg spread wide open grasped in his hand. He kept power thrusting with and up and down lift and drop motion his huge dick dropped heavily in my girl. It made a wet splashing sound when he lifted up and out.
Slow bumping off of my kitty grinding hard slow stabbing thrusting. I felt myself orgasm twice intensely. I felt my lady go from extra warm to hot burning hot. I felt hot rolling lumps filling me up. I felt more of it splattering and shooting deep inside of me. I felt him cumming inside of me. That sent me over the edge I started cumming rapidly over and over my hands gripping him dug in my eyes rolled and shut. Then he rolled me over on top and used me like a stroker. Dropping me on his still hard erection. Before I knew it I was on my hands and knees in doggystyle and he was beating my kitty up splitting me wide open. It felt amazing I felt my feet beating into the sleeping bags. My legs kicking as he was fucking me. He rolled me over into missionary position. He became very loving kissing me holding my breasts in his hands. Talking lovingly dirty to me this got me off more then the sexy. The whole time afterwards he was kissing me deeply passionately. He just kept rolling his hips deep in me pump heavy hits in my depths. He told me he was cumming I whispered in his ear I'm not on birth control. He got extremely deep uncomfortably deep in me. Held my legs shut around him and I felt him empty himself into me again. My head cooked back softly moaning and whimpering coup as he came in me.
He rested in me until soft and pulled out. Apparently he can't have kids this suddenly disappointed for a second. I loved how it felt when he came in me.
We ended up having sex on our site. On a hike to and from our rockhounding site. On our wake up and once on our way home.
Once home me and his wife had girl talk it was weird talking to his wife mykal about me and her husband and the sex We had. She told me her old man was great at dominating a lady during sex. She gave me permission to use him when every I wanted. Saying it's good for the cows when bull gets time off from the breeding pastor.
It has been three months one to three times a week I let Daniel fuck the life out of me.
But now I'm having withdrawals he moved to idaho with some hootchie claiming its for for yeah right.

Jul 31
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