A sleepover

My older sister had a sleepover she was only about 10 months older than me. But her friends all liked me. Our rooms were connected by a shared bathroom. You could only lock it from the inside. My mother told the girls to keep the door to my room locked and I had to use the bathroom downstairs. I was playing video games and I didn't really think to bother them cause I would have gotten in trouble. I fell asleep sitting up on my beanbag with my controller in my hands. I don't know what time it was but two of my sisters friends woke me up after everyone else was asleep. They both asked me if I wanted to make out with them. I was definitely interested in making out with the two of them especially at the same time. One girl made out with me and the other watched to see if anyone was going to come. They switched off every now and then. I started to finger one of them and asked her if I could stick it in her. She told me she would let me do it if her friend did it too. So when her friend came over to take another turn I asked her if I wanted to do it with me. She said yes and she pulled her panties over to the side and sat down on it. We were making out and doing it and she got really into it and I came in her without asking. Her friend came over when we were done and she was ready to do it . She started to suck it and as soon as I was ready she took her panties off and sat down on it and she didn't care about anything else but making sure that I liked her better. I did it with her longer that the first one. But as soon as I started to feel it coming out of me she just didn't stop me from doing it. A few weeks later my sister told me that her two friends were pregnant. And they wouldn't tell their mother who it was that they did it with. They both were sisters twins that didn't look alike. What ever they call them I'm not sure of the name. But I knew it was me cause I did it to both of them and they both let me finish in them. I was scared to get caught because I didn't want a two baby's. I didn't know that their mom made them get rid of them. Well a few months after this happened I was talking to one of my sisters friends who was also at her sleepover. We hung out for a few weeks. One night before the summer vacation. I fucked her. And from that day on we did it every day for a few weeks. She told me that her sister was going to bring her to get an abortion. I got her pregnant but she said her oldest sister was going to help her take care of it. A few days later my sister had friends over. I walked in and saw all three girls in the living room with my sister. Their mothers were in the kitchen talking to my mom. . I found out that they were cousins and I got all of them pregnant. My sister found out what happened with them all and came in and told me that she was going to tell if I don't give her something. She said she would let me know what I had to do for her. The next day. My sister told me that she was going to tell me what she wants as soon as our mom went shopping. An hour later she called me to come to her room. She told me that she wanted me to do it with her the same way I did it to them all. I told her that I didn't want to get her pregnant. So she told me that our mom got her a thing to make sure she can't get pregnant after she found out that her two friends got pregnant. So she said if I don't do it with her she was going to tell everyone what I did to her friends. She told me that her friends told her that I made them feel really good when I was inside of them. So my sister told me that she wants to try it. She said before my mother gets home. So she took her panties off and lifted up her skirt. I couldn't believe how fast I was ready to give it to her. My sister instantly got me excited. Her pussy was so beautiful. I rubbed my tip on her cunt and she started to get super wet. She told me to hurry up before our mother came back. So I stuck it in her hole and started to fuck her really hard. She told me to keep going and I better not stop. She was getting really into it and the way she was making noise it made me cum so much. She told me that she understands why her friends let me do it with them. And she said that I can do it with her when our mom wasn't there. I told her that I really liked her pussy and she told me that she never did it before I did it with her. She told me she only put tampons in her but I was the only boy. We did it one time after before my hormones made my dick grow twice as long and alot fatter. She liked it when she bent over and I did it from the back she didn't want to see me and I didn't want to look at her face cause I wasn't into her as my sister. I told her that I was a little bit bigger than last time. She told me that was ok with her. Until I put it in her. She came as soon as she felt it. She told me that she loved how it feels to have my dick in her. She told me that she wants it every day. My mother noticed that her panties were always wet and sticky. She never said anything. Instead she told us that she was going out to shop and she caught us fucking. My mother told us that she would let us do it only because we already have. She told us that she would let her brother do it with her as a kid and it never caused any problem. She told us that she would let us do it as long as we close the door and don't let her see it. My sister and I started to fuck so much that her pussy was always full of my cum. My mother never bothered us and let us do it all the time. I fucked my sister the day before she got married. We never did it again.

10 months ago

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    • You are so lucky to be that close with each other, and to have a understanding mother.

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