My buddys mom

I rent a room at my best friends moms house. He lives in Florida and they are very close. She has been worried about him after the last hurricane and has been missing him. Lynette is good looking about 52 and has a great body. I have lived with her for a couple of years now and she flirts with me sometimes, it usually happens after a night out with the girls. I was home the other night alone waiting for my girlfriend and decided to grab a shower. My bedroom is directly across the hall from my bathroom. I walked out of the bathroom only in a towel and there was Lynette leaning against the wall with her arms crossed waiting for me. She was buzzed, smiled at me and looked me up and down. I stopped at the bathroom door and she walked up to me. I thought she was going to kiss me but she just reached inside the towel and grabbed my dick. Just then we heard the garage door open and my girlfriend drive in. I told her I had to go but she stood in my way stroking my dick straight down. She just stared at me and was jerking me off with one hand while blocking me with the other. I was getting nervous and told her I had to go. She didn't stop and now I had a hard on. She Jerked me until the pantry door opened and then she stopped, kissed me on the cheek then smiled at me as she walked to her room and quietly closed her bedroom door. I bolted to my room and tried to put some pants on quickly as my girlfriend walk in. I pretended to be taking off my pants and told her I heard her pull up and couldn't wait.

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  • I hope you got around to fucking your buddy's mom at some point? You should have went into her bedroom after your girlfriend left.

  • Bullshit

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