I’ve had a boyfriend for some time now. I thought I’d been plenty stealthy keeping it from the wife. But apparently she’s known for a while. Two nights ago she was supposed to be out of town and I had him over. I had him on his back legs over my shoulders deep in his ass kissing him when I heard a sound. There she was standing with a pissed off smirk and her phone out videoing us. She said she knew I was a fag (her words). Long story short I’m out now. All my friends and family now know and so do his. I’m relieved and sick at the same time. My world just changed.

Jul 27
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    • Think about it from her perspective. If you would have caught HIV or any other STD and passed it on to her, you could have ruined her life. As it is, you kind of did. Good luck and hope things work out for the both of you.

    • So I’m living in a hotel with him atm until we figure things out going forward. Only him and my mother will talk to me now. No one at work has said a thing. But they clearly know. Amused smirks, zero eye contact, very little conversation. I’m kind of glad it’s all out there. But this is a tough week. She went immediately to all her social media platforms and spilled it all. Then she reached out to his wife and made sure she knew. A woman can be very vicious in these circumstances. Oh well. At least I’m not hiding anymore.

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