My stepsister is an evil, bizarre girl with a twisted mind. She’s 17 I’m 14, and we usually spend up to 3 days on our own where she is supposed to ‘take care’ of me and my mum and stepdad go off to my aunts for 3 nights for space from us (it’s messed up). She’s like 6”1, pretty fat, glasses, always wears really tight clothes trying to show off her boobs. She abuses me in so many ways. She bullies me, beats me, tortures me, and sometimes does sexual things (hence why I’m posting it on here). She’s supposed to cook for me, which she never does, occasionally she’ll order something for me, but she’s been starving me. She brought me downstairs once and there was a biscuit on the table. She put me on the chair and had a long, disgusting spit on the biscuit. She then went “there’s your dinner, eat up”. I looked at her for a second, and she snapped. She grabbed me by the hair and forced the biscuit into my mouth. She shouted eat it and I quickly chewed and swallowed fearfully. That’s all I had to eat that day. And she always strokes my dick and kisses me and laughs. Usually after a beating when I’m like lying on the floor she’d do that. It’s scary she just seems psychotic to me. It’s getting worse every day

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  • You’re a sissy boy and you love it.

  • I’m a weak guy who lets her walk all over me yeah, but I don’t enjoy it

  • You should even smack her arse yoursel. Shes a cheeky madam at fourteen. Please reply..

  • Sorry doubt you’ll see this, I just don’t want to hurt any girls. Plus she kinda overpowers me anyways

  • Are you there....

  • Are you there...

  • You tell me her parents are strict. Well so am i and my daughter found out the hard way for being a bully. If she was my daughter her panties would be around her ankles and have her arse smacked so hard. You need too tell her parents. Do you know if they use spanking as part off discipline as my husband and i beleave in spanking naughtie and bratty children....

  • My sister bullied me for a while. Shes 13 now and this was last year. I recorded her in her room and shower and told her i would send videos too everybody. Shes still allmost flat chested and not even a single hair on her vagina. Shes not so big now and i have the lots off pictures and videos off her. She wont tell our parents because their super strict and shes allready in lots off trouble and was suspended from school twice last year. Shes grounded for two weeks for curseing at my mom and for throwing eggs at our neighbours houses and plus my mom spanked her in front off me and my older sister and pulled down her panties. I was glad and her ass was realy red and so was her face. She has too be in bed for next two weeks before 7 and mom or dad spank her before bed..

  • She may be big but if she's fat then she'll tire out quickly. Unless you are also big and fat, at your age you are in the best shape of your life. No reason to let this happen. What happened to make her this mean?

  • I’m in ok shape but when I say she’s fat she’s not really fat, like just curvy I guess. It doesn’t matter if she tires out cause she beats me from the beginning and I become too weak to fight back when she’s tired

  • It’s our parents. Her dad is a dickhead to both of us but she’s too scared to take her anger from that out on him so she does it to me. She’s just angry and I’m the only person weak enough in our family for her to lash out on I guess

  • If shes fourteen and her parents are strict and shes a bullie like my sister can be. Why dont they spank her bare bottom like my parents do too my sister..

  • I agree. You must’ve done something.

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