I troll other pervs online

I won't lie, I like them young. Several years ago I was cruising Omegle and started chatting with a girl in my state who said she was 18. The chat turned to sex quickly and this girl was explaining what she likes in graphic detail. It was very explicit. During conversation she slipped up and mentioned she was 16. Now I'm getting excited. Over the course of the conversation, she gave me enough information that I was able to find her on facebook and see a picture...and she wasn't 16, she was maybe 9 or 10 at best. But man, was she fucking beautiful. I'd never risk meeting Chris Hansen, but I can dream. One of my favorite things to do is to get on Omegle and troll other pervs by pretending to be this girl. I get them all worked up and then pretend my dad is coming and give them that girl's name and facebook contact info and tell them to message me. I sure hope that hot little bitch has enjoyed all the propositions and dick pics that guys have been sending her for years!

Jul 25
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    • I wish you could have gotten all up in it, too.. Then you could have told us all about it, and maybe even how many babies you had with her. I know nothing about her, and yet I still LOVE her completely. Thanks for telling us a little about her!

    • Well this is disturbing

    • What's disturbing is that I never had a chance to meet this little hottie in person and do what I wanted to with her!

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