It appears that some of you haven't traveled to different countries maybe you can't afford it or you just like to live in your momas basement...

I was doing contract work on what you might call 3rd world counties ( LAOS-Cambodia-Vietnam-Thailand) and a 2 years in Indonesia..

Let me tell you something about sex in those countries...Parents are selling their own kids for sex as young as 10 yrs old..

I've seen a lot of tourist take their offer and have sex with the kids..(specially Germans tourists )
A father approached me and offered me her daughter for a certain amount of money i questioned on her being his daughter but they showed me proof of him being the father... i stood there in disbelief so a little voice came into my head and i offered him more money if he himself had sex with her while i took pictures ...he looked at her talked to her and she nodded her head as a yes... after heading to my hotel i got the camera ready he pulled to off his wrap around exposing himself she hesitated a little but sucked his dick to full erection she leaned back on the bed and without any preparedness he plunged his cock all in after a few moments of taking pictures and watching the act he groaned and jammed himself as deep as he could pull himself off and a full load of cum oozed out of her tiny pussy... he grabbed tissues and had her wipe herself while i counted the money and tried to give to her she pointed to her father ...
The following day i saw the father waiting outside of another hotel then i saw his daughter come out and give him money they sat down and after a few minutes a woman come out of the same hotel and give him money... when i approached him and sked how your doing he introduced me to his wife ..and offered her for money i declined ..
So to make long stories short rather you agree or disagree on what's happening in the sex world IT HAPPENS young kids are being sold as sex objects some of these young girls are so loose you can fist fuck them without causing any discomfort..
Most of them barely make into their early teens before having kids themselves ....

2 months ago


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    • And this is why Earth is the trailer trash of the galaxy...

    • Fisting? For reals? Hot fucking god damn!

    • Very true... and yes when i vacationed there I often did that dirty deed.....

    • Please tell us more about those encounters! PLEASE!!

    • Fuck off pedo go kill youself before you harm a child!

    • What did you do?

    • I shot the pedo! You want to be next?

    • Fuck you too asshole Fucking pedos, should be legal to shoot them right in the head!

    • Yes it is called human trafficking it is illegal and happens in every country.
      Also fuck you for the pedophilia you had to put in your sick story asshole!

    • Please help the girls and the t-girls! Do what you can!

    • Yes, those things all happen in this sad, dark world, and it's horrifying. But you did not have to make yourself a part of the disgusting and immoral process. Your hands are just as dirty and your mind and life are just as poisoned and poisonous as the father in your story, which I pray is fiction.

    • Yes it all happens in tourist oriented far east countries. I happened to vost Manila and Bangkok and did many such encounters with barely legal teens. I am a bi and on my asking bellboy also arranged a teen boy who did hard with my ass.

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