Hard to be a nanny

Sorry for the rant, but I left my job today because I am sick as hell of people's husbands thinking that I'm gonna fool around just because i watch their kids.

I was at my charge's house alone for a couple hours today after dropping them off for daycamp and waiting to pick them up when their dad came home. He went to take a shower and came out butt naked with an erection acting like nothing was weird. He got a beer, offered me one (I said no and kept looking away) then asked me if I wanted to swim. I told him I needed to get going and he said "don't be like that, we both want this."

I told him I didn't and left. I didn't tell anyone, just walked around until I picked up the kids and when I dropped them off, their mom was there too. I called her right after I left their house and told her what happened and that I couldn't work for them anymore. She apologized profusely but understood i wasn't comfortable anymore.

So ladies, know that the nanny's not gonna sleep with your man just because he acts like a creep. And men...just get it together already.

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  • I missed the naughty part of this story.

  • Prude.

  • Ew, no way. I just don't want to be put in the middle of somebody's troubled marriage. Happy to get down in my personal life, not at work.

  • Imagine what these wives have gone through living with these sicko perves

  • That guy is trash, and predictable trash at that. You should have kicked him in the balls.

  • Well for more money you might....we know that. Add in a car too. Point is, you have the power to get what you want. Assuming he’s not a fat ugly fuck, go for it. But documents all of it

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