Secret Life

Married husband hard worker everything a normal guy is but on weekends i let everything out with a guy i met at a mens bathhouse. My wife knows i am bi and i told her i met a guy and once or twice a month i see him and i turn into a male slut. He is married and meets me secretly but we meet in an hourly motel and my wife lets me meet alone with him and i tell her mostly everything but found out at the bathhouse he has a fetish and i will take it to my grave. He eats me out and i discovered it gives me orgasms. Think because i am so sexually excited and i find it intimate and very erotic. And after he always fucks me but honestly by that point i do not even care. I have on open bi marriage and she has heard him fucking me but i keep the rimming to myself. I love sex with my wife but i do not cum as much as i do when i am with him. Saturday was supposed to be 1 hour at the motel but ended up being 3 because i was so thankfull and relieved we showered off and i gave him a complete blow job to thank him. But then i went home a resumed my normal life and he went home to his wife.

Jul 24
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    • Me and my mate from work recently told each other about our bi side when I went to his house on a Friday afternoon after work, we'd drunk a few beers and it all came out, let's get naked he said! It felt strange at first being naked with him,we sat down on his sofa and wanked our cocks, stand up he told me! Leaning forward he took my cock in his mouth, after blowing me he asked me if I wanted to suck his cock! I kneeled down and sucked a cock for the first time ! I was a natural and couldn't get enough of it,he had some cocaine in his bedroom and we went upstairs, we felt even hornier after a line and he wanted me to fuck him! I got behind him and pressed my cock against his arsehole, he was so tight but I finally managed to get my full length up him and fucked his hole until he said that he wanted to fuck me! Id never felt so horny, it kind of hurt to start but I got used to it, we fucked each other all afternoon and have been fucking ever since,even meeting with other men sometimes one and other times two or three, my wife has no idea about my secret life

    • So jealous of guys like you! My wife knows I love vum, but won't even discuss going outside our marriage for my cravings. I only get what I produce. Never cheated but considering it to help fill my need for warm delicious cum!

    • Because he is playing with your prostate it causes much better orgasms. You also are probably more gay like i am and I pretty much only get hard to dick these days.

    • It has been exciting🍆💦

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