She knows i am seeing him but not his fetish

I am dating a guy my wife knows about and i am in an open marriage and months ago we agreed that i would date 1 guy and she knows where i go. But she does not know about his rimming fetish that i can't get enough of. It felt weird at first but last saturday in an hourly motel i was in a state of bliss. For 40 minutes he ate me out and i had several orgasms during it. Just thinking about him sucking and licking turns me on. He used up a can of whipped cream sucking it out of me. My wife knows i have sex with him but i will never tell her about this. And i have had anal sex and i am usually sore after but after this yes i was sore but not as bad. I cum way more with a rim job than i do a blow job. When he first did it in a bathhouse in front of another guy it felt weird but then erotic. Last saturday i felt his tongue in me and after i cum i got hard again. I have always considered myself bi but he has woke something up in me. 🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jul 31
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    • My wife and I both have sex with other men we have had an open marriage from the beginning and she knew that I was bisexual before we were married. She got me into keeping my body smooth from the neck down so I am hairless and most guys like me that way. I have had a lot of guys that want to lick my bottom before they fuck me and I find it very relaxing and exciting all at the same time. If a guy wants to rim my ass I let him.

    • I think it’s sort of strange that your wife would be ok with open marriage and ok with you having sex with a guy but somehow would draw the line at rimming. Do you tell her in detail about other sexual acts with him and she’s like “that’s great hun, thanks for sharing”? In any event, I’m glad you’re happy. Sounds like you get to be you with him. That’s awesome.

    • Well to my surprise when i have had sex with other men she has no jealousy (with men) and it turns her on. When i get home we have sex and yes i usually tell her. But the rimming i find very intimate and i would be too embarrassed to tell her. This guy i have been seeing its new to me and i just want that part between me and him.

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