preachers daughter turn into exhibitionist & hotwife...

My wife was raised very strict and had to always dress very conservatively. She had to wear her hair pulled up and could never wear make-up. So when we got married at 18 I figured we'd have a quiet conservative life together. But one night I was going to try and play a joke on my conservative wife. I'd recently bought a new camera so while she was in the shower I went in and pulled the shower curtain open and pressed the test button on the flash making it appear I'd taken a nude photo of her. As expected she chased me out of the bathroom. I was going to let her fume a while before telling her the truth. She was in the bedroom for a long time and it surprised me when I heard her coming down the hall obviously wearing high heels since it was almost bed time. I got the shock of my life when she stepped in front of me in a see through red housecoat opened in front. Under it she was wearing a black garter belt & stocking and a pair of spiked heels. No bra or panties.

She'd painted her nails a bright red and was wearing bright red lipstick on her full pouty lips. Her long red hair was fixed nice and she'd trimmed her matching red bush. At 5-8, 120-lbs, 34-D-24-35 with green eyes she was a knock out, but I had never seen her look so sexy. When she said if I wanted to take dirty pictures of her she didn't want to look like a wet rat in the shower. I wasn't going to pass up this offer and soon my quiet reserved wife was getting in sexy poses as I snapped off picture after picture. She was a natural at finding the sexiest poses and looking at the camera like she was ready to fuck someone to death. I took 3 rolls of film and would have taken more if I'd had more film. We had our hottest sex ever that night. It turned out the make-up and sexy outfit had been a secret wedding gift from her cousin. The next day I was going to send the film off to be developed but knew it couldn't be anywhere in our small conservative town. I was afraid she'd have second thoughts when I was ready to sent the film off but it seemed to actually turn her on knowing some stranger was going to see her naked. It became more clear as the days passed waiting to get the pictures back.

When we got them they looked great and soon we were taking 3-4 rolls of film a week and she was ordering sexy outfits to wear in them. After a few months we started trying to take pictures of us having sex but they weren't turning out very well. It was around that time that for the first time I showed our pictures to a friend. I told her expecting her to be mad, but she just wanted to know what all he'd said and if he got turned on by them? We had sex that night and she kept talking about him seeing her naked and how much it turned her on. I got a wild idea and said maybe he could take some pictures of us having sex. I was surprised at how quickly she'd said yes and that she wanted me to call him right then. A few days later he came over and she seemed very relaxed as she seductively stripped for him as he took pictures. Soon we were on the bed with her sucking my cock and then in a hot 69. We fucked in various positions as he took pictures. That night changed our life in ways I'd have never imagined as we ended up with her sucking his cock while I fucked her in the ass.

After that we became full fledged swingers, we started with mostly mfm threesomes, then wife swapping where she found she was into girls too. It wasn't long before she had her first gang bang with a group of guys in an adult theater, we also started going to ABS with glory holes where she'd suck cock after cock and go from booth to booth naked as she'd become an avid exhibitionist and would expose her sexy body every chance she got, going so far as to entering nude amateur photo contests in both Gallery and Genississ magazines. She even ended up fucking the guy at the bank who notarized the entry forms. She had sex with guys of all ages from teens to in their sixties but preferred girls from teens to mid-thirties and they had to be really hot. We even had some threesomes with her cousin who gave her the sexy outfit who happened to look more like a twin sister than a cousin. We had threesomes with lots of our male friends but found it much hotter to fuck total strangers. Before we got married neither of us would have ever in our wildest dreams thought we'd have done anything like we did for over 20 yrs.

I'm curious as to how many other guys would like to see their wife or GF expose herself either in person or in pictures. And how many have done this? As well as how many guys would share their wife or GF with another guy? another girl? and how many have actually shared their wife either in a threesome or cuck situation.

Jul 24
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    • I started dating my wife in college. I was very proud of her great body and thrilled that she was my girlfriend. I decided that I wanted other me to see her naked and asked her if she would go to a nude beach with me. I was surprised how quickly she said yes, I thought that I would have to work to convince her to go. At the nude beach, we took our clothes off and laid down on our blanket. Soon I wanted to have more men look at her and we went for a walk. We talked to about twenty naked guys and while they were checking out my girlfriend, they were looking at her body.
      We walked back to our blanket and four guys followed us and sat down around my girlfriend. She was happy with all of the attention. One of them asked us if we wanted to go to a party that night. They said that there would be them and some other guys and maybe a few girls. My girlfriend looked at me and I nodded yes.
      We arrived at the party around 7 pm and by that time everyone was swimmng naked in the pool. I quickly noticed that there were six guys and only two other girls.
      My girlfriend was quickly naked and I also took off my clothes and we got in the pool. Soon there were four other guys around my wife and I moved over to one of the other girls. Eventually my girlfriend went into her house with the four guys. For the next couple of hours, all six of the guys fucked my girlfriend and I fucked the other two girls.
      We continued going to these naked pool parties and over the next two years, about 20 guys fucked my girlfriend and I fucked six girls.

    • Sounds like a good girlfriend. When we were in the lifestyle I loved seeing the reaction from guys when they were checking out her hot body, and got even more turned on watching her suck another guy's cock or see them fuck her. And of course, in return, I got to fuck lots of other girls.

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