Second night in an Adult Motel...

We'd spent one night in an adult motel we'd found quite by accident when out of town for a race. We had arranged the blinds on the windows where people could easily see in when they walked past, and could get an even better look right down on our big round bed with a red spotlight shining down on it. We had lots of people see my sexy 5-8, 120-lb, 34-DD-24-35 redhead wife on the bed playing with herself as well as some seeing her sucking my thick 9" cock and me fucking her from behind. But the highlight of the night was when we were invited to join the couple in the next room. We'd assumed it would be wife swapping after the two girls had some fun together. But it ended up that after the girls had some fun together they had me join them for a FFM threesome and I spent some time solo with the other wife sucking my cock and me fucking her in both her pussy and tight little ass. My wife Lynn did give the other guy a blowjob, but I really think he'd just wanted to watch us with his wife. And they had checked out when we got up the next morning. We went to the Saturday race where Lynn wore a loose fitting low cut top and very skimpy shorts and had fun exposing her big tits to guys at the race. Some guys ended up watching her more than the race.

After the race we went back to our room and it looked like there were few if any people there besides us that were there for the race. But there were lots of young scantily clad ladies going in and out, mostly with older men. It seemed like a place locals might take their mistress or quick one night stand. With only porn available on the TV and sex toy's, lubes & condoms in a display case in the lobby it was far from a place most guys would bring a normal soccer mom. And there were no kids allowed. But though the sign said no one under 21 they let us slide with us only being 20. Though the fact the guy checking me in was busy watching my wife using a drink machine outside where the wind kept blowing her dress up to her waist exposing her firm round ass and red muff since she wasn't wearing underwear I imagine he wasn't concerned to much about our age. When we got back to the room Lynn took a shower first and was walking around in the room naked and could hear people stopping in front of our room or coming down the metal stairs stop and she knew they could see her walking around naked. So she never looked at the window so as to not spook them. She knew there was a guy on the steps who'd been there for a couple of minutes so when I came out from my shower she dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock, really putting on a show for the guy. But after only a couple of minutes someone was going up the steps so the guy left and Lynn stopped wanting to save that cum for later.

Lynn put on a black skirt with a slit up both sides that showed off that she was wearing a garter belt & black stockings, and a sheer button up blouse left partially unbuttoned to show plenty of those big tits and in the right light you could easily see her tits and her huge aureolas through the sheer silky material. Of course she didn't wear a bra or panties. And her 4" heels put her at 6' tall making her stand out. But still 5" shorter than me at 6-5, 260-lbs. We went to a nice restaurant we'd noticed on the way in. It seemed quite upscale so had lots of older couples. So Lynn enjoyed the attention she was getting from the older guys and would do things like lean over to adjust the strap on her shoe when she saw a guy looking, knowing he'd be able to get a good look at her tits. Or open her legs so they could see her neatly trimmed red bush. She even gave the young waiter a good look at her tits, letting a couple of more buttons come undone when she saw him coming allowing her tits to fall out as he got to our table. After giving him a long look at them she said oops and tucked them back in hooking back only one button. But I was worried he was going to drop his tray he was so distracted by Lynn's beautiful big tits on display to him. After dinner we went to an adult bookstore where Lynn let her boobs fall pretty much all the way out as she looked around and would stoop down letting her skirt ride up even higher and spread her legs exposing her pussy to guys who were checking her out.

When we got back to the room Lynn put on a white garter belt & stockings and laid back on the bed while I took some pictures knowing the flash could be seen through the partially open shades. Soon we heard people stopping in front of the room and knew they were watching my sexy wife fucking herself with her new toy. Then I put the camera on a tripod and joined her on the bed. She got between my legs laying at an angle so anyone looking in could see my cock going in & out of her mouth and still see her tits & pussy. And being able to operate the camera by remote I was still taking pictures and the flash was attracting attention to our window. When I was on the verge of shooting off I straddled Lynn and started fucking her tits until I shot off, shooting a huge load of cum on her tits & face. We knew a guy had stopped and was watching and almost laughed when he accidentally bumped his head on the window when he saw those thick streams of cum squirting on her face & tits. But we acted like we hadn't heard it so he kept watching as Lynn started lifting her tits up licking the cum off of them. But someone started coming down the steps and he left. She licked up all the cum she could and then scooped the rest up on her fingers and sucked it off of her fingers. We took a little break and Lynn cleaned up herself while I went to the soda machine.

After resting up we were going to take some more pictures so she went in the bathroom to put on some more of her red lipstick and eye shadow. That gave her just enough of a slutty look to look really sexy. While she was in there the light bulb blew and I said I was going to the office to get a bulb. But Lynn stopped me and said I should get the guy in the office to come change it, and she had a big sexy grin. I knew what she was thinking but I wasn't cool with acting like I couldn't change a light bulb, so I unscrewed the cable to the TV just enough to screw up the picture just a little. I went to the office to tell the guy and he seemed overjoyed to see someone. And he recognized me saying I was the guy with the beautiful redhead. I told him about both the TV and the light. He seemed happy to come check it out and grabbed his phone and locked the door. He was saying how boring it was at night when they were full and how he was glad he had something to do. As we went into the room there was my sexy wife sitting in the center of the bed totally naked in a position where at first glance he could see her big tits as well as her pussy.

He put the bulb in first then came back to check the TV. As he went beside the bed Lynn got up to check her make-up, having to press against him to get by. I'd unscrewed the coax at the bottom so he'd have a harder time getting to it He was checking the easy stuff to get to first and Lynn came back she sat on the bed right in front of the TV with her legs open some. She started asking if they had any movies with threesomes and then specified 2 guys and a girl, but before he could answer she said threesomes with 2 girls and a guy were OK but she preferred it being one on one with a girl herself. But that 2 guys really turned her on, saying there were so many things 2 guys could do to her. Then said or you know a girl in a movie. Then she added but no movie was as good as the real thing is it? She finally let him give an answer and he said the real thing is always better, then added but he'd never been that lucky. Lynn asked if given the chance would he like to have a threesome with a couple? He said of course he would. You could tell he was surprised when Lynn asked how long he could be away from the office? He nervously said as long as he wanted as long as he had his phone. Lynn looked at me and said don't you think we should give him his first threesome? He looked up at me as I said sure. He'd fixed the TV and stood up and asked if we were just screwing with him and Lynn pulled him closer and put his hands on her tits as she started to undo his pants. She started out sucking us both off, at times rubbing our cocks together or pressing them together as she took them both in her mouth. Then we took turns and one would fuck her as she sucked the other off. Then I fucked her pussy as he got to fuck that nice ass of hers. But as she usually does she asked us to shoot off on her tits & face as she licked the cum off of her tits he surprised her by asking if he could help and was soon licking & sucking her tits & licking up our cum.

Lynn made a motion and I knew what she wanted so I stepped up closer beside them with my cock only inches from his face and as Lynn was hoping he started to stroke my cock as he licked the last of the cum off of her tits and she motioned again so I pushed closer with my cock right in his face and Lynn told him it turned her on to watch a guy suck my dick even though I wouldn't suck a cock. Then asked if he'd let her see him suck my dick? He said he'd wanted to suck my cock from the night we checked in. He started licking up & down the shaft and sucked on my balls, then took the head in his mouth taking more and more of my big dick until he was taking it down his throat to my balls. My cock had come back to life and was rock hard again. It surprised me when he stopped just long enough to ask if I'd fuck him in the ass? But I said no and he went back to sucking, Lynn reached down beside the other side of the bed and pulled out a strap-on. Soon she was fucking him in the ass while he sucked my cock. I shot a thick load of cum down his throat as Lynn was pounding his ass with a thick 8" strap-on I'd seen her use with several women but never before a guy. But this had been a trip of 1st.

Aug 3
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