My friends girlfriend turns out to be a young nymphomaniac...

My wife and I were both in our early thirties and had been into swinging since we first got married at eighteen years old. We'd had threesomes, swapped wives with other couples, had some small gangbangs, and had lots of experiences involving exhibitionism & voyeurism. When we first started out at eighteen most of the people we swapped with were quite a bit older than us as it seemed in the seventies you didn't find many people in the lifestyle under thirty-years-old.

But we got a chance when we got to be in our thirties to see what it was like for those older people we'd been with when we were young. I'd been restoring an old car and had been introduced to a guy who was eighteen who was good at doing bodywork who was thrilled to get a chance to get more experience. He'd come over one Saturday to do some work on the car, but the materials we'd ordered hadn't come in. Since we couldn't work on the car we decided to watch a porn video. About half-way through the movie my wife Lynn got home. Mike had met her before but it had always been just in passing and when she was dressed in her conservative work clothes.

When Lynn came in that day she was wearing a pair of really skimpy cut-off jeans and an equally skimpy top that had little ties in the front, and even if it was tied it still let you get a nice look at her tits. When she came in the room wearing that Mike's eyes perked up as he saw my hot redhead wifes hot 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 body barely covered. When she went to get us some cold drinks he couldn't say enough about how hot my wife was. when she got back and leaned over to give him his drink I knew he could see down her skimpy top and see those beautiful 34D tits with huge aureolas & long nipples. Especially since I noticed she'd untied the top tie on the shirt.

As we sat there on the couch I noticed Mike watching us more than the movie. So I started to slowly untie the little ties one at a time until her top was completely opened up with her tits on full display. Soon her top was off and on the floor with her shorts right beside it, and she was on her knees in front of me sucking my thick nine-inch cock. She was taking it all the way to my balls. Then after I shot a hot load down her throat she swallowed every drop, then crawled over to Mike. She pulled his shorts down and started sucking him off. After that day we started having threesomes with Mike every few weeks.

A few months after we started having threesomes with Mike we ran into him with his new girlfriend Sylvia. She was a really short small girl with huge tits and a really sexy ass. And she obviously liked showing off her assets, she had those big tits barely covered in a skimpy tube top and had an equally revealing pair of shorts on. She seemed nice and had a bubbly personality and just talking to her was getting my cock hard. And she saw it, she looked down a big bulge in my pants and got a big grin on her face & looked up and said thanks, taking my hard-on as a compliment.

It was obvious Lynn liked what she saw too because she loved girls with big tits and Sylvia definitely fit that description. So as we were about to go our separate ways Lynn invited them over that Friday night. We hoped to get Sylvia more comfortable with us hoping maybe down the road sometime we might at least get a chance to see her naked. But it turned out she was more interested in the same thing than we could have ever guessed. They hadn't been there long and we decided to play cards. Once we were at the table I asked if they wanted to play rummy or poker? Or if they wanted to play Uno or something like that?

I couldn't believe it when Sylvia spoke up and said if we wanted to play poker it was ok. But she only knew how to play strip poker. Everyone quickly said that would be good. And it was funny because Lynn and Sylvia were both only wearing skimpy tops & shorts and possibly panties. They weren't even wearing shoes. In no time at all the girls were naked, and it was almost as if they were trying to lose as quickly as possible. And they wanted to watch Mike and I finish the game until we were naked. Once we were all nude Mike suggested we watch a porno, and we all went over to the two couches we had in an " L " shape and no one even considered putting on any clothes.

As Mike and I were picking out a movie the girls decided to go to the kitchen and get us some drinks. I'd noticed it had taken them a long time. And found out later once they got in the kitchen, Sylvia had started complimenting Lynn's body and had commented on how firm her tits looked and asked if she could feel them? And of course, Lynn said yes and was complimenting Sylvia's big tits. So they started fondling each other's tits. Then started moving their hands all over each other's bodies. And it surprised Lynn when Sylvia leaned over and kissed her and said after we do the guys can we do each other?

Lynn of course said yes and asked if Sylvia would like to sit beside me and her sit beside Mike and Sylvia told her she'd love to do that and said she could tell Mike wanted to fuck Lynn and she wanted to hook-up with me. And told Lynn she was into older guys. When they came back and Lynn sat beside Mike & Sylvia beside me we assumed it was Lynn's suggestion not knowing how wild Sylvia was. And Sylvia wasted no time in reaching over and stroking my cock then leaning over and start sucking me off like a pro. And Lynn followed Sylvia's lead and started sucking mike off. After a while, Sylvia climbed up on my lap and started riding my cock while I played with those big tits. I loved fucking that young pussy and having those big tits rubbing against me.

And the whole time Mike was fucking the hell out of Lynn doggie style. After we'd all gotten off it was the girl's turn to get each other off. Mike knew Lynn was bi but had no idea his new girlfriend was. But that wasn't all he didn't know about her. It was Mike's first time seeing two girls having sex together, so of course, he was loving watching these two hot girls kissing & sucking each other's tits and eating each other's pussy. And those girls were really going at it. Once they had gotten each other a couple of times they just laid there in each other's arms for a while. It had been a great night for all of us and we invited them to come back the next weekend.

So they left in time to get Sylvia home by 12:00. The next week started about the same until the phone rang. It was Mike's mom and she wasn't feeling well and wanted him to take her to the hospital. I agreed to take Sylvia home because she lived out in the county. But we ended up having one of the hottest FFM threesomes ever. It was obvious Sylvia loved all types of sex and had experienced a lot. Once it was near time to get her home on time Sylvia and I got dressed and left. As soon as we got outside of the city limits and there were no street lights she slid over and started rubbing my cock through my pants and telling me how she'd like the two of us to hook-up sometime one on one.

She was giving directions to her house since I'd never been there before so when she had me turn down a dirt road I just figured she lived down the road. But we ended up at a dead-end with a couple of old barns. She said we were running early so wanted to suck my cock again. She pulled my cock out and started sucking me off again while I played with those big tits. It turned out we were really early so we got out of the car naked and I leaned her over the hood of the car and really pounded her hot little pussy and was surprised when she said she'd never been fucked in the ass and wanted me to fuck her in the ass the next time we hooked-up. After I shot a hot load in her tight cunt we got dressed and I took her home.

I found out that her mom worked the second shift and though she was supposed to be home by 12:00 her mom didn't get home until 12:30. So we had a little while but I didn't want her mother to see her being brought home by a married guy in his thirties. But I noticed a cool-looking car off to the side and asked about it and she said it was hers and her uncle was fixing it up for her for when she got her license. I was about to get a shock because when I asked why she didn't have it already? She said she had to take driver's ed and couldn't take it until she was fifteen and eight months old. I was shocked when I asked how old she was as I'd always assumed she was eighteen.

When she said she'd turned fifteen a couple of months ago. At first, I thought she was kidding me but she was serious. I didn't say anything for a minute and she asked me not to tell Mike because he thought she was seventeen. So I left planning on never getting near her again. I called Mike the next day and he was as shocked. So we definitely kept our distance. But Mike's next GF who was 18 was also open to swapping partners. don't ask for pics, please.

3 months ago

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    • A poor fake attempt at pedophilia. Lame and fake

    • I hate that. She hid her age and that could get
      People in prison what a bitch.

    • Your friend's girlfriend turns out to be a criminal offence.

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