Who else gets turned on sharing their wife???

When I was younger and was dating it looked like if another guy looked at my girlfriend I'd be ready to beat the crap out of them, and a few times I did. And was like that when dating the girl I eventually married Lynn. But a few months after we got married things really changed. She'd always been very conservative in how she dressed and acted being that her father was the preacher in our small conservative town. And when we got married at 18 I figured we'd be living a low-key very respectable life.

But things really changed after one night I intended on playing a joke on my wife. And it would lead us to a series of events that changed our lives forever and in ways we would have never dreamed of. I pretended to take a picture of her in the shower with a polaroid camera I'd won, but I really just hit the test button on the flash. She chased me out and was fussing at me. It took her a long time after her shower before she came into the living room and I'd assumed she'd just needed time to cool off.

I expected her to be wearing one of the long thick gowns she normally wore to bed since it was getting close to bedtime. But when she stepped off of the carpet in the hallway onto the wood floor I could tell she was wearing high heels like she wore to work and when we'd go out, but I'd never seen her wear them around the house. So I turned real quick to see what was up. I was speechless when I saw my little church mouse wife wearing a sheer housecoat with a garter belt & stockings, high heels, and a sheer pair of very skimpy panties & a matching bra. And she'd wear make-up but it was always very low-key. Unlike that night when she had painted her nails a bright red and put on matching red lipstick that we later refered to as prostitute red.

And instead of giving me hell for trying to take a nude picture of her, she said if I wanted to take nude pictures of her she didn't want to look like a drowned rat in the shower. Then asked if I wanted to take the pictures in the living room or the bedroom? We took 2 packs of pictures of her taking off her sexy outfit I'd never seen before that night and some of her posing in various sexy poses totally nude. And I didn't have to give instructions as she was a natural and knew what would look hot. Now with her body, she had always looked hot to me once she took off the bulky clothes she'd always wear. Because at 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 with long red hair & green eyes she was hot. And besides having a hot body with long sexy legs she was very beautiful. But she'd never looked as hot as she did that night.

We started taking more pictures after that night and had soon bought a nice 35mm camera which meant sending the film to be developed. And it became obvious we both were turned on knowing some strange guy in another city was seeing her naked or in one of the many sexy outfits she'd ordered. She also had started dressing more revealing at home and would intentionally bend over to let my friends see her big tits as she was braless and wearing really loose low-cut tops. All of this had happened in just a couple of months. And within 6 months we had our first threesome when she stripped for me and one of my friends. Then sat between us on the couch naked, and we started sucking her tits.

It amazed me how turned on I got watching my friend sucking on my sexy wife's big tits as he slid his fingers inside her pussy. Then to watch her pull both of our cocks out and start taking turns sucking us off. And watching her show off to him showing how good she was at sucking dick by going down sucking his balls and taking every bit of his 8-in cock down her hot throat and leave it there. Then when she started sucking me off to watch my buddy move behind her and her spread her legs open and to see him sliding his cock inside her tight cunt from behind and start fucking her deeper, faster, & harder as she sucked me off at the same time. Until we both shot our load in her waiting mouth and swallow every drop.

Before long any of my friends we felt we could trust to keep our secret had at the very least seen her naked. But most had had her suck their dick or had fucked her, if not both. And she'd gotten so addicted to exposing her sexy body we'd started going out of town so she could expose herself to strangers. But it was no time at all until she was seducing strangers for our threesomes or sometimes to fuck her while I watched. Some favorites were when we'd get a hotel room and she'd order a pizza or room service and answer the door naked or in see-through lingerie. And I'd be hiding on the balcony watching as she'd take her time getting their money as they got a good look at her sexy body. Then she'd pay them but pretend she didn't have money for a tip and offer to suck their cock or let them fuck her in lew of a tip.

It was such a turn-on seeing total strangers running their hands all over her, sucking on her tits. And watching her suck their cock or see them fuck her. And by that point, she'd gotten to where she liked feeling cum on her face and tits. So she'd get them to shoot their hot cum on her, then wipe it on her fingers and lick & suck it off. We also would pick up strangers to have threesomes and eventually even gangbangs. And at times they'd offer to suck me off but I declined until Lynn told me how much it would turn her on to watch a guy suck my cock. And by then we'd also started wife swapping and I'd seen her have sex with most of the wives before we swapped I finally gave in but told her I'd never return the favor and she agreed.

So now on occasion, I'd let a guy suck my cock to please her. But I figured it didn't come close to some of the things she'd done, including one night she left our hotel to go to the store and when she returned had a young black girl with her. I'd mentioned once when I saw a young black girl with a really nice body that I wondered what it would be like to fuck her. So when Lynn saw that girl she thought by the way she was dressed and where she was she was a hooker. And she was right, So she brought her up and sat & watched while the girl wrapped those thick young lips around my thick 9-in cock and sucked me off. Slowly at first and then faster & deeper until I held her head and started fucking her mouth. Then pulled out and shot off on her tits to see what Lynn did. And as I'd expected or at least hoped she came over and licked & sucked the cum off of those little tits.

Then taught the girl how to eat pussy since she'd never been with a girl before. And I ended up fucking her while she ate my wife's pussy. Our next big leap was when we started going to adult theaters & bookstores. We'd go into a theater and Lynn would stand up once the movie started and take off her dress with everyone able to see her. And she'd turn around to lay it on her chair so everyone saw both her ass and her big tits & bushy red cunt. Of course, we'd soon have guys and sometimes girls all around us. Sometimes she'd suck one guy while sucking off 1 or 2 guys and have a gangbang. Others she'd just get on her knees and suck them off 2 at a time. And have a long line of guys waiting their turn. And have all of them shoot-off on her face & tits.

At bookstores, we'd go in the back and she'd take off her dress and walk around in only a garter & stockings. And when we were in a booth leave the door or curtain so guys could watch her suck & fuck guys through the gloryholes. And in the hall going from booth to booth let guys feel her up.
Our most memorable was one night at a bookstore about 100 miles away. The guy in the next booth reached through and played with her tits & ass and fingered her pussy. Then licked her tits & pussy when she put them up against the hole. Then fucked her and ended up her sucking his cock until he shot off in her mouth. Then whispered and asked if I wanted my cock sucked? I said no and we went out to switch booths.

As we got in the hall the guy came out and we got the surprise of our life when he says Lynn? And we look and it was her uncle " also a preacher ". She made no attempt to cover up and his eyes were checking out every inch of her body as he's saying how he hopes we won't tell anyone we saw him there. But what really freaked us out was that he had a daughter Lynn's age everyone had thought they were twin sisters. And he commented how Lynn and Susan still looked just alike. Then said their aureolas even looked alike and reached over and squeezed her tits and said their boobs even felt the same. Then Lynn shocked me when she asked if they sucked dick the same and he said no that Lynn was better. Then caught himself and said I'd imagine that he doubted Susan had ever done that. He'd obviously been drinking and it had caused him to confess to incest.

Though we couldn't say much since Lynn taught her little sister how to suck cock when she first got interested in boys by having her suck my cock several times while we were all naked. And had me show her what it was like to have her tits sucked & pussy eaten. And after my dad had walked in on me fucking Lynn in the ass one night there had been some tension when we'd get together. So one night we surprised him and Lynn sucked his dick and let him fuck her. It only happened once and the tension was gone.

Over the years Lynn fucked her boss and 2 of my bosses, our landlord a few neighbors, her and my co-workers, several maintenance men, repairmen, a tow truck driver, a few truck drivers she flashed and had them stop at rest stops. Guys at a campground, In bar restrooms and sucked off a cab driver. She sucked off a young guy working at a gas station for $5.00 in gas. She had money & didn't need gas, just wanted to let him see her naked and to suck him off. She fucked a shoe salesman and had a threesome with a couple who were hitch-hiking in the back seat of our car while I drove. So has anyone shared their wife more? like2watch1576@gmail.com

3 months ago

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    • Wow. Like living in a porno.. My ex got me into threesomes, but nothing compared to that! I loved watching her suck my buddies 12” cock. She used to make me cum during sex talking about gangbangs. She’d suck one off and make the other guys so horny that they would all cum at once into her open mouth. I miss that whore.

    • Send me pictures of that slut. Jerrybob1221@yahoo.com

    • See at

    • Watched the videos of sexy wife. She's not bad at all! But she is not satisfied by your small 3.5 inch cock. Too small for such gorgeous lady and she is scratching her thighs in one of the videos. Very small shaft to penetrate and satisfy such a beautiful sexy lady.....she need at least 6" inch cock for real pleasure.... Allow her to be fucked by 9-10 inch cock and see her enjoyment. Would you let me fuck her? I'll tell you if you would l she wouldn't be talking! she'd be moaning on my big dick as I cum 4 or 5 times in her! And I mean deep inside of her! I'd fuck the woman till she couldn't walk! When I cum , I bury it in as far as it will go and only pull a half inch out, I'd keep it deep , and watch her eyes pulsate , listen to her moan , as she takes load after load of my cum , all night long! You can watch and make videos also. Can also enjoy a threesome and you can also suck my Cock and feel the difference if you are bi-sexual. However I am masturbating as tribute to your wife. Have downloaded the videos and will share it further.

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