The favor was returned

Soon after we got married when we were only 18 my wife and I got into the swinger lifestyle. It started with taking nude photos and my wife and I got so turned on knowing the people developing the pictures were seeing her sexy naked body, she started showing herself off to guys in person every chance she got. And at 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 with long red hair she was a knockout. But it soon wen't from just letting guys see my hot wife in sexy outfits like garter belts and stockings and such. And we started having 3-somes, my wife loves having one guy fuck her while she sucks another off or being fucked in her pussy and ass at the same time.

It didn't take long until almost all of my friends our age had fucked her at least once. And most multiple times. We'd even started going out of town where she could expose herself to strangers. And we'd started going to the hotel bar where we were staying looking for guys to share my wife with. They were usually a little older than us because it looked like guys who were traveling for business were the easiest ones to pick up and they were usually married so they were discreet and we wanted that.

Sometimes when we got to our rooms Lynn would do a slow strip tease and I'd just sit back and watch my wife being fucked by this total stranger. Other times I'd join in and give her 2 cocks at once. And on the rare occasion we'd find a few guys there together and she'd get a chance to enjoy a gang bang. Well actually we both enjoyed it as I loved seeing her with several guys at once getting all holes filled at once and seeing them coat her face & big tits in cum. But those experiences weren't as easy to find.

We were also swapping with couples but met most of them through swinger magazines. Though on occasion we'd run into a couple who wanted to play. But for the most part it seemed that we were having more threesomes than anything else. I'd also noticed from when we first started having threesomes with strangers in the hotel bars that even though they were married quite a few of them would want to suck my cock. But I'd always told them I didn't go that way until my wife started saying afterwards that she'd really like to watch a guy go down on me. She assured me she would never want me to return the favor but she'd just fantasized about seeing a guy suck me off. I sometimes was wondering if it was because she was bi and I'd seen her with girls.

But one night a guy asked if he could suck me off and the look my wife gave me just broke me down so I said yes but made it clear I wasn't going to do the same for him. I was actually surprised because I just looked at my wife or I'd think of another girl and it turned out some of those guys were really good at sucking cock. And I got the impression that at home they were the straight lace husband & father. But out of town on the road they had a whole different life. And I'll admit I'd gotten to where I kind of enjoyed it. I'd let them suck my dick while I sucked my wife's tits or ate her pussy. And some of the guys after they sucked me off would say it was kind of their way to repay me for sharing my wife with them.

But about a year after we'd started this some of my friends had gotten married and were socializing with us. And one of my friends named John had fucked my wife Lynn several times and she was going out of town with her mom & sister so he and his wife invited me over to dinner. After dinner we were just sitting around talking and he brought up an outfit his wife had bought and told her to let me see it. A few minutes later she came out in this sexy see-through outfit that she might as well of been naked in. And it's reminded me of how Lynn had done most of my friends she'd had sex with. Soon his wife had slipped off her outfit and sat beside me on the couch and her husband sat beside her. In no time were sucking on Lisa's big 36D tits and running her hands over her. And she didn't waste any time in pulling my cock out and I think was surprised to see my thick 9" cock. She got a big grin on her face and looked back at her husband and said oh yea I'll fuck him. Which I found out later she'd agreed to strip & suck my cock but didn't know if she'd fuck me.

And things like this started happening with a few other guys I'd shared Lynn with. They'd either work something out for their wife or girlfriend to suck me off or fuck me. Some while they watched and some in threesomes. And later the guy would tell me he was paying me back for letting him fuck Lynn. I had no doubt some of them had talked and knew they weren't the only ones who'd fucked my wife. But I'd imagine the majority didn't. Before long I'd either gotten a blowjob from or had fucked about half my friends wives & girlfriends. So I was getting back what I'd put in. And eventually several of them would end up swapping partners with Lynn and I. Their wife having no idea they had already been fucking Lynn.

It would usually come when no one expected it and we'd be playing cards or something and it would turn into a game of strip poker. And things would takeoff from there. And some of them kept coming over having threesomes with Lynn & I and their wife didn't know and it went on for years. But others thought they were being slick and would come over when they thought I was gone and fuck my wife. Having no idea I was only feet away watching through a peep hole. Also some of their wives were secretly hooking up with Lynn not wanting their husband to know they were bi. And I'd get to watch that. And a couple of times I pretended to have come home unexpected and catch them in bed. And we'd end up in a FFM threesome as I promised not to tell on them.

But it surprised me at how many times I'd share my wife and it would prompt someone else to return the favor. But I have lots of experiences to share.

10 months ago

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