I just want to confess my observation

I tried to confess and ended up here at Naughty Post, so I am confused but write confession because I guess only the naghty need to get rid of their guilt? ANYWAYS
I feel terrible enough to get it out of my mind by writing to you I saw my stepson sitting before a computer screen masturbating with the door ajar. I assumed he was watching porn and was about to yell when something took me to an intrigued mind to how he was working it, pulling it, rubbing, and stufff I had not seen bofore. I got wet and bothererd. He had not a clue I was peeping in which took me to putting my hand down my shorts and masturbating to the idea of sucking his bigger than average hard-on. I came and now I come here to confessing what I should have ever done. Thank God my husband did not catch me. But sadly I think that idea added to my excitement and wetness. Thank you for understanding the concern.

Jul 15
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    • Everyone has a curiosity to see others masturbate. He obviously wanted you to see, or wouldn't have left the door open. He probably knew you watched, and had a better than average orgasm because of that. If you see him again, quietly push the door open, masturbate, and leave the door open when you leave, so he will know he had company. Better yet, quietly enter and stand behind him to watch his cum shot. He will love that you saw the climax.

    • Nothing wrong enjoy

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