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This day eleven years ago, was the day I first fucked my wife, gf then, in her pussy.
We have been dating for a few months and we always had light sex, she always claimed that she was a virgin, which is normal in the middle east, women either have anal sex or just no penetration sex. I never pressured her to for more than she gave, heads, between her boobs and hand job.
That day I spent long time sucking her tits and licking her nick and shoulders. Then I licked her ass and got my tongue a little bit onside her, then moved to her pussy, where I spend half an hour discovering with my tongue her vagina, at one point she pulled me up and opened her legs wide and asked me to penetrate her. I pushed it slowly but she told this was her ass, she wants it in the pussy. I pushed in the pussy, she looked at me and said she lost her virginity long ago. She hadn't had sex for more than a year and her pussy wanted a cock so bad, I started to fuck, missionary, doggy, spooning, and every at position I imagined myself fucked her.
That time I used to masturbate five times a day, as a result, I could fuck her for more than an hour, she came twice, her pussy was full of white cum, hers not mine. I went down and licked her pussy clean, then came on her face and laid nex to her. We smoked and fucked again.
Today I'm planning to fuck her in her ass to celebrate the anniversary

Jul 15
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I want Husband's cock or even a girl

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    • You didn't care that she wasn't a virgin? That other men had already come deep inside her many times before you.

    • No, I get very horny when she tells me stories how she fucked them, and about her one night stands in her business trips.
      One of her ex's had 10 inches dick, she tells me how many nights she had ro put ice on her pussy after he fucked the hell out of it.

    • Update:
      I fucked her in the ass and came on her face while wearing her used panties as a mask.

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