Chronic Masturbator

I have always been a masturbator I never gave it up when most guys do. I just got married 3 months ago and I still am masturbating. In fact I am masturbating more than having sex with my wife. Should I tell her I have tried to give it up and I can't?

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  • I have been tired laying in bed before and when I masturbated after a few minutes I felt like I was completely energized for some reason I couldn't figure it out really I don't why but let me say I was back out of bed after a few minutes

  • If a guy isn't stroking one out at least a few times a week, he probably has health problems. That includes if he is getting regular pussy on the side.

  • So please tell me do you pull yourself off or do you ANKEN ?

  • Why give it up. Make it a part of your sex life.

  • I’m married to an attractive female. There are times she just into sex as much as me and does not risk it due to kiddos.
    I’ll pull it out and jerk after everyone is gone. It helps my stamina

  • I been married for decades and I still enjoy a good wank every now and again. As long as it's not preventing you from keeping your wife satisfied, I don't see any problem. You also shouldn't be to surprised to find out that your wife probably rubs one out by herself on occasion, it's just what people do.

  • Yes tell her and then give her my phone number so I can come over and take care of her. Tell me are you like stupid or something? A total wanker? You must be. Thousands of men out there dying at the chance to get some pussy and you just want to jerk off. You one stupid jerk.

  • Just got married eh? Are you planning on having kids? If you are then wait till you get her pregnant,it can go either way but they're always prone to those hormonal moods and you'll find yourself partaking in "self-help therapy" but she might end up being a horny hell beast now and again.Then the baby comes along,there's the wait till she's "OK to do it down there" (more self help) then getting back into doing it,if she breastfeeds,her boobs look fucking amazingly huge,DON'T FUCKING TOUCH THEM,unless she invites you to,huge turn off for some of them.A long time later many months maybe up to 2 years,she'll get broody again and she'll want to be nailed every fucking night then she's pregnant,back to square fucking one.So yeah get very used to masturbating alot.

  • Guys jerk off a lot.

  • But a substancial amount Anken they are totally different techniques

  • Hey Buddy do you pull yourself off or Anken ?

  • Trust me your always going to masturbate more than you have sex when your married. I am 56 and spank it almost daily, been married 32 years and I am not even shy about it with her. I wake up with morning wood and just stroke it right off with her laying next to me, sometimes she takes over and she will also just watch me do it. She even bought a dozen cloth napkins to keep in my nightstand for quick access for clean up.

  • What? Everyone masturbates.

  • No they don't. I have been getting pussy since I was about 13. That's right whack off boy. A woman or girl has been always taking care of me never masturbated even once. I don't even care if you believe me or not. Having to prove to anyone. Wankers! All of you nothing but wankers.

  • Do you like to put things in your butt? I do. great big things, in my butt. while I wank. chicks love it

  • Now your dreaming buster, never wanked what a load of crap that is

  • Yes. You should tell her.

    Tell her that you're destined to be a life-long wanker. Also explain to her that your favorite fantasy is to see a horse hung guy giving her more pleasure than you ever will.

  • I’m 50 and still beat it nearly every day. Been married 25years. Hit that ass pretty regular too.

  • I bet your also a fucking blind man also. Jesus you guys are just fucking a bunch of wankers.

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