Never did I imagine this

I caught my next door neighbor masturbating. We are both stay home Moms and our kids were all at school. I went over to her house and the door was slightly open. I went in and went to the living room. Her back was to me - I guess she was naked and there was lesbian porn on the tv. She was moaning and her hands seemed to be between her legs. I snuck out. I so want to tell her I saw her and I have the fantasy of watching her and masturbating with her while we watched porn together.

4 months ago

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    • Maybe she will read your post recognise it was her masturbating to porn, be shocked and then excited when she realises she was seen by you and invite you over and make a pass at you

    • So full of crap … COVID boredom has really struck this site … lol

    • Well do it. If it made you feel good. Bet she'll like it to. Why not. Make your self feel good.

    • She wants your mouth and tongue on that clit.

    • I love doing stuff like this

    • What kind of person leaves the door open especially when they are masturbating

    • Why are people in your stories so stupid that they leave their doors open when they want some privacy or masturbating?

      And then an even more stupid person walks uninvited into someone else's house without knocking, ringing the doorbell or and loudly announcing themselves? Thats a great way to get shot!

      So you stupid story that has been written over and over again is fake and so are you dude!

    • They're good friends, neighbors, and spend a lot of time with each other. Obviously, the woman masturbating left the door open, expecting her friend to walk in on her...but I'm sure she hoped her friend would join her, not chicken out and leave.

      Or, it is totally fake, who cares? lol

    • Go girl

    • Yes go suck on that cat of hers

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