Spanking from landlady

I am a 23 year old married man who today had my pants pulled down and bare bottom spanked by our landlady for being behind on our rent. It was the most humiliating embarrassing experience of my life, and I've had a few. Both my wife and I had rough childhoods being bullied and embarrassed. No physical abusing. I was a late bloomer for pubic hair so I was made fun of in the gym showers. They called me Baldy. One other time I was at a party with a friend of mine, he was picked on also, and while we were there we were talking with each other since we didn't really fit in at all and a group of boys came up behind us and pantsed us grabbed us and pulled our pants and underwater off. We tried fighting them off to no avail. Then they carried us around exposing us to everyone which included lots of girls and me with no pubic hair telling everyone to look at Baldy. There was a lot of laughter. Later in high school it did get a little better though.
Anyway to today, I was home since I didn't work today and my wife was at her friends house for the day. Our landlady stopped by. Every time I see her I get nervous since We are 2 months behind on our rent. She's a single woman probably in her late 30's, a an attractive woman with short dark hair. She was wearing a red dress that came to her knees and had a folder I her hand. We talked a little and she if I had the rent. I told her I didn't but I'm trying. She took out a piece of paper and said it was an eviction notice. Naturally I was really scared. We didn't have anywhere to go. I begged her to please give us more time, saying I will do anything to be able to stay, especially with my wife pregnant. Anyway after begging and pleading she said she would hold off on the eviction if I agree to be spanked. I couldn't believe it, I've never been spanked in my life, unless you count the butt slapping I got from guys in the shower. I had no choice but to agree. She told me to get a kitchen chair. I did and she sat in it and made me stand in front of her. She undid my shorts and pulled them down and off. Then she grabbed my underwater and I pulled back and asked her to please not pull my underware down but she grabbed me and down they came she had me step out of them with her face a few inches from my penis, which fortunately has hair on it now. She surprised me by pulling her dress all the up almost up to her waist showing her panties. She has really nice legs. She pulled me across her lap and positioned me with me penis hanging between her legs. She started rubbing my butt then bam she really started spanking. I couldn't believe how much it hurt. There was no way I was gonna show any emotion, just wiggling around from the pain. Finally I couldn't take it any more and just started bawling and kicking my legs. But even with all the pain my penis was rubbing against her legs and starting to get hard. I didn't think that would be possible with all my pain. I couldn't believe how I was bawling. I can't remember the last time I cried. Finally she stopped and told me to stand up. To make matters worse my penis was sticking straight out. That the last thing I was thinking of I was hopping around holding my butt. She got up pulled her dress down and left, saying she'll see me next month. My butt is still red so I gotta keep my wife from seeing it.

Jul 5
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    • Hell I would of told her that's. Hopefully next time she has a strap on underneath

    • Fuck, I'd never pay rent if I could get this treatment. I love spankings and can almost cum while getting them. Not sure what it does to me but it does something. I remember getting paddled by our assistant principal in high school. I got an immediate hard on and thanked him as I left. He didn't spank me anymore after that as I really got hard and he could see it through my shorts. Lol he didn't realize he was the beginning of ny now fetish! Enjoy them buddy! Maybe ask her if you could jack off for her also! I do this for my wife when she spanks me and she also makes me clean up my mess!

    • You can have them. I never want to go through that humiliation and pain again but I'm terrified about her coming back next month. I think she enjoyed it so I know she will do it again. If my wife ever knew that I was spanked on my bare butt I'd never be able to face her again. My wife had told me about her getting sexually abused by a bunch of boys. They stripped her naked and finger fucked her and all took turns spanking her. She never knew about all my abuse though.

    • I was abused also man, probably why I'm so fucked in the head. I vowed to kill anyone if thry ever touched my kids though and protected themem to adulthood! Would still end aomeone if they hurt one of them or my grandchildren! But the wife and I are on the kinky side with each other in our bedroom. She was abused also. We just keep what we do between us. More light BSDM play, she knows I love to get flogged over the ass though and the harder the better! I'm also the cumeater in the relationship! She hates it and I don't so I get it all! Best is from a fresh creampie. I'll pretend to not want it she'll flog me and make me est it.

    • I like think my wife and I are fairly normal, not at all on the kinky side. Just normal missionary sex. Probably missing out on a lot I guess. I'm just worried about my landlady saying she'll see me next month. Don't know if She's gonna spank me again or evict me. She did seem to enjoying spanking me. I just don't want to go through that again.

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