Sister in law fetish

I’m going to break down and be completely honest on here mostly because I cannot be with my wife about this fantasy. My wife is gorgeous tall blonde, big D boobs and a fine ass. She has 4 other sisters total, ranging from 24 to 38. My wife and I are 31 and 32. My wife’s oldest sister is a shorter redhead/brunette that is petite, smaller boobs but still a super defined ass. My wife’s youngest sister is a tall blonde like her, skinnier with a smaller butt and smaller boobs but still very attractive. Lately when I see them in short shorts and dresses I can’t help but picture them naked and me fucking them. It’s even gone as far as sometimes when my wife and I are having sex that I think about them naked. I still find my wife super attractive and I love her very much but I definitely think the “wrong” nature of me fantasizing about her sisters is making me continually more horny. I know it’s wrong but it’s soo hot and I would love for it to happen. Never in a million years would this ever come to pass but is it normal to have these kinds of thoughts? I mean her sisters I know enjoy me because I’m a fun guy but I know that they would never go for me. Is this a normal thing with guys?

Jul 5
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    • Been married over 25 years. Since the day I met my wife I had the hots for one of her sisters and both my wife and that sister knew it.

      Fast forward to just a few years one thing led to another and I ended up having sex with SIL. We have been able to keep it going but it is really hard to hide and we both agree that when we are together the sex is incredible.

      Not sure if it’s that much better or just that we both wanted it for over 21 years and that it is wrong which makes it feel so right

    • If her sisters are female and each have a pulse then yes it’s normal to want to fuck their brains out. But don’t.

    • Mine only let me lick her pussy and finger Fuck her

    • Me too buddy, me too! Both my sister in laws are hot! Have I snuck a sniff of their dirty undies, absolutely! About as far as it's ever gone or it'd ever go!

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