Me and my friends older brother

I had been at my friends house all day and when it was time to go home her brother took me,i got into the car with him and dove into my phone, i didnt pay attention to where he was driving but suddenly he stopped, he looked at me and grabbed my thigh, i stared at him wide eyed and tried to move his hand, but he forced it closer to my "area" i struggled but he had already unzipped his pants and pulled my skirt down, he got on top of me and rubbed me, and jacked off on top of me. i was frozen with fear. he started moaning an d came a little on me, i gagged as he stuck his penis down my throat, he proceeded to do a lot more to me and than brought me home, im traumatized, and no one know he did this to me.

1 month ago

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    • All of this happened in a car? how big is the car interior for him to get on top of you and struck his penis in your throat? What do you mean by "and dove into my phone,"? "he had already zipped his pants" using HAD. sorry to say it is made up fantasy poorly cooked.

    • He raped you report it now!

    • Never happened to be reported. This is what I call "idiot soup". it is unreal events.

    • How old were you?

    • Fuck off pedo!

    • I was thirteen. I can still hear his moans of pleasure. I touch myself, you know, down there, when I think of what he did when he pulled my skirt down. I'm traumatized but still it makes me come.

    • Shut the fuck up Pedo!

    • Now I ache down there between m legs, I get so warm and wet, I can't stop thinking of his forceful touch, the way he pushed me down and pleasured himself of my small developing body, the sound of his zipper slowly going down and my first taste of a man...

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