I have to confess, I'm a crossdresser. And I've always loved seeing women wearing fishnet stockings. To me it sends a message. It's like she's saying: " I'm horny, I want some dick, I feel sexy, I'm a nasty bitch, please someone fuck me". And I've noticed that women who wear fishnets get a lot of attention. So, it's no wonder that when I dress up my panty hose of choice is always fishnet stockings. They look so sexy. I wear them all the time. and they make me so horny I can hardly hold my load. And when men look at me, it's like I'm send them a message that's saying: come fuck me, I want some dick, I feel sexy, look at me ,I'm a whore. And that's just the message I want them to receive.

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  • I would love to tear apart the back of your fishnets and bend you over while you have your heels on and take your asshole. I love fishnets so sexy.

  • Probably best if you have your wife or girlfriend peg you of course you should be in the doggie position that makes you feel so subordinate

  • Being a crossdresser is just so great, loving femme wear and being made up is fantastic however for most crossdresser's that is where it end's and so it should, having yourself fucked up the arse is certainly no good at all please give that idea away right now

  • I agree with you. I like to wear pantyhose and panties when I am home alone and it ends there.

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