All those who came on my sexy wife's flat stomach!

My wife had a lot of sex between the ages of 19 and 35 when we met and married.
She has no problem sharing her sexual past with me - She is a drop-dead gorgeous long-haired blonde. Styles her hair every single day! Great legs and cute butt - tea-cup breast with big pink nipples. Her stories get me super horny - which makes her happy as I fuck her with such passion!
My wife presents herself at work and church and social settings as a very conservative woman. Attractive - sneaky sexy - very polite, unless she's had a few drinks. Then is flat out she's very careful with her drinking.
But she has had the most secretive and sexy private life before we married!
Her sisters suspect that she is a massive flirt ......and are frankly jealous of her many conquests with men!
Easy to find her at a party - or even a church meeting: look for a gathering of males!.....and pissed off wives!
I get really 'bent' when she replies to some of my questions:

'You didn't seem to make them to use condoms?'
"No. I just told them to pull out because I'm not using anything - and so they would come on my stomach."
But that is soo dangerous - even the pre-cum droplets could have gotten you pregnant! In the midst of an orgasm is the wrong time to expect a man to show self control and pull out of your sweet cunt! In .5 seconds he could squirt you full!
"Yes. Honey I know that. What can I say - I wasn't very smart. They would all just cum on my stomach."
Didn't that make a lot of them ....mad...frustrated? That they had to pull out!
"Yes, wondered when you'd ask about that. So, yes they would ask - or I would offer if they were really a hunk - for me to 'clean' them off with my mouth. Suck them. You know I like sucking it was not a big deal to perform this for them. They thought I was being very kind, or some damn thing!" she laughs...
I pointed out that it is very hard to believe that all these guys were such gentlemen ....and that they would all 'pull out' of her cunt a split second before cumming!!
She doesn't like it when I suggest that she is fibbing a bit....but she does tell fibs.
"Okay....OK, yeah a lot of guys got to cum in me, OK? If it was feeling so good - and hell , nearly all of the time we were drunk - or at least I was! I'm cumming - and did stuff to keep them in me until I was finished with their dicks!"
Yeah - you told me about the spontaneous fuck you had with your little sister's boyfriend one night. He walked you back to your apt to get stuff for your sister's party next door. He fucked you standing against your refrigerator. You were both drunk. NO WAY anybody stopped to put a rubber on!, No way!
"OK, yeah - he came in me. I was afraid we'd both smell like sex when went back at her party. And - he wouldn't give me back my bikini panties. They were wet from him pawing me against the fridge! So I'm commando under my skirt - he's got my moist panties in his pocket - dancing with my baby sister...ah geez! but no one seemed to notice our smell. He moved his car afterwards - and I let him in my patio door. He stayed the night. Yeah he fucked me a lot - he was 26, I was 35. sooo, it was easy to get him back up! He did this cute thing - thumb in my puss while sucking my clitoris. Talked dirty to me. "you're tighter than your sister, you know?" Made me so horny! Not long - but nice and thick! I see why my little sis had the hots for him!"
She said she had one big PG scare - and after that she started on the Pill. She sucked off , and swallowed, lots of men and boys - but EVERYBODY got to cum in her after starting the Pill. (actually - I'd heard that she 'swallowed' before I even met her - but I'll never tell her that)
"Yep - no more warm little puddles on my tummy after that! So more pity suckings - sucked 'em when I wanted. Which, OK, was pretty often!" she laughs again....
She suggests her 'number' is "about 3 dozen, maybe a few more. From 18 to 72 yrs old - Friends of my Dad's. Most of my bosses. And a lot of oral sex with various guys - pick-ups, acquittances, ('her BIL!'), one-nighters, 2 guys at church who wouldn't stop hitting on me, until I did them. etc., etc. I'm not very good at hand-jobs - but I get no complaints when I go down on a guy!"
She claims that she is keeping her knees together since we married, 6 yrs ago. But admits - "I'm not dead, you know! I like men and they like me! I like to look....and imagine things when you're on top of me!"
I count myself as one lucky SOB!

Jul 4
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    • The first dick in her mouth, Pussy, and ass were not mine.

    • Wow your wife is a whore

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