Wife was engaged

When I asked my wife out the first time I didn't know that she was engaged. I was surprised that we went back to my room after the first date and had sex. As I walked her back to her dorm she told me that she was engaged to be married the next summer after graduation. She also told me that if I didn't mind, that she would also date me.
We dated all during our senior year and she continued having sex with us. He didn't know about us but I know that she would often have sex with us the same day. I would usually bring her to orgasm orally and I could tell whether she had sex with him earlier that day. When he found out that she was also having sex with me he broke off their engagement.
We moved in together the summer after graduation and were married two years later. A few years later I mentioned that I had liked fucking her after he had come in her and we decided for her to get a boyfriend so that I could fuck her after he did. Over the next five years my wife had fourteen boyfriends and I tasted all of their cum from inside her cunt. Then we stopped while we were having children. Now that we have two kids, she at my urging has gotten another boyfriend and I am enjoying her sloppy wet cunt again.

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  • When i first met my wife she was engaged and I didn't know it . On the first date we screwed like crazy , soon after that she claimed she broke the engagement and the rest is history. I guess I will never know the whole truth, I suspected that she went out with him for some time while we were dating. I know she loves having more than one lover at a time.

  • I love licking my wife's creampie. I just wish she would be my slut and have sex with other guys too. She's not into sharing.

  • Nothing wrong with that I have licked my wife's pussy many times after she's fucked a guy and she lets him cum in her pussy. I love the taste and smell of her after she's had sex. I think it's funny how some guys say that's my wife and nobody else can fuck her. Trust me you're not a porn star in the bedroom lol. A woman gets bored with the same man just like guys do.and trust me you can't hurt that pussy.

  • Nice, I presume you have an open relationship? How long did it take after marriage before the extra-marital activities started? 7 year itch? 7-month itch?

    Who typically gives your wife these fresh cream pies? Her boss? Your boss? Co-worker? Mechanic? :)

  • Agreed! My husband doesn’t know, but his boss has always come onto me at the yearly Christmas party. One year my husband just ignored me all night. Jeff his boss gave me his number, we chatted for a few months, and then agreed to meet up. It wasn’t until after the next Christmas party is when we hooked up. Of course with the agreement of raises and time off. And it’s definitely true that they get off knowing that they’ve filled you up with their sperm and going home to your hubby. And just like any men, they like taking souvenirs, my clothes, panties

  • I have a fantasy that I unknowingly lick cum from my wife's freshly fucked pussy.

  • Hot. How old is your wife now?

    If she is on the younger side, a wife like that could come in handy for business and work. Have her fuck her boss or potential client/customer and reap the financial rewards on top of all that sloppy seconds fun!

    For many bosses, the thought of fucking a married employee on-the-sly and sending her back home with full cunt is powerful unforgettable experience and boosts his male ego. Make sure your wife mentions that she expects you to be promoted, increased salary or some other work favor for all that fucking.

  • Well, sounds like you are both enjoying it.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

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