My First Masturbation: Awkward Awakening

This is another story about my awkward awakening- See my other post like, Strip Poker With Noreen and Marta, A footjob From Noreen and Caught Staring at Nude Beach

I was 17 and had never "jerked off". The concept was foreign to me. Guys at school would joke about rubbing their cock and the result, but I had no clue. Sure, I'd had wet dreams (wonderful wet dreams), but hadn't made the connection that a person could make themselves feel that. I, literally, had no concept of a concious ejaculation. Sometimes, after waking from a sexy dream (that wasn't wet), I'd be so frustrated. My cock would be throbbing and oozing. I wanted so much to feel that special delight, but had no idea how while awake. How was that possible? It was (very) long before internet porn. I'd never seen a porn movie or seen a man ejaculate.

I'd had the sex talk, and knew about sperm leaving the penis to fertilize an egg, but had no clue what an ejaculation was. There was an old, faded Playboy that someone gave me and I'd look at it private--- usually in the woods behind our house. If no one was around, I'd strip completely and look at the photos. My cook would ooze precum-- especially when I would dangle it over the magazine, imagining the girl's public hair tickling my cock and balls. I, honestly, thought that an oozing cock, touching the outer parts of a vagina was all sex was. I had no idea it went inside or that it erupted with pleasure. The few times I'd rubbed my cock were more irritating than pleasurable.

I grew a lot between age 16 and 17. My pair of pajama bottoms were getting increasingly tight. Sometimes, I'd take them off and sleep naked. The problem was, my blanket was made of thick wool. As anyone over 50 knows, back then, wool could be a bit rough or irritating. It felt that way on my cock, but it also felt interestingly odd. Sometimes id rub it intentionally.

Sex never entered my mind when I'd, purposely, rub the cock head with the wool. It was very irritating and more like self punishing than self pleasure. Sometimes I'd rub my palm over the head for a similar irritating feeling. To repeat, I wasn't thinking about girls or sex. I did not get fully hard. It was all about forcing myself to endure irritation. After a few unbearably minutes, I'd stop torturing myself and drift off to sleep.

I told a school mate about it who laughed. He said that's what jerking off was. He suggested I think about a girl I liked and do it for a long time, no matter how much I wanted to stop. "Why?," I thought to myself. I was still confused.

*The idea of thinking about a girl or feeling vulnerable while naked, wasn't new. There will be other posts about how I was forced to skinny dip around female cousins/neighbors or stand naked in a corner -all as punishment. As I got older, those feelings of embarrassment evolved into something much better-- but back to the story.

The fateful day that changed everything.

The house was empty. My parents were out for the night and wouldn't be home for hours. Remembering what my friend said, I got in bed and started rubbing my cock head. Holding the shaft with my right hand, the palm of my left made a circular motion around the mushroom top. A few minutes later, I had to stop.

I moved to the floor of the living room. The area rug in front of the lit wood stove was very thick and very soft. It felt warm and soothing as I laid on my back, fully naked. A small lamp was on in the corner. I started rubbing with my palm again. It felt weird because I'd only done it in the dark or under a blanket. Add to that, there was a mirror that I could partially see myself in. I really felt naked. I tried thinking about a classmate but, still, the irritation was almost overwhelming and I couldn't focus on her or anything sexual.

**Imagine a sports bottle. Giving it a sqeeze and you can see the water enter the straw from the bottom, work its way up the straw, then spurt out. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this, but at the time-- that first time, it was all new. Back to the story...

Continuing the rubbing, I was beyond the point I normally stopped. As I'd never cummed while awake, there was no "familiar build up". I had no idea what the feelings were or what was happening. As I laid on my back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor I could barely stand it. Rubbing my cock head harder my palm, I started to squirm. My legs would raise, one at time, then slam my foot down. My body twisted side to side as though it was trying to free my cock from the agony my palm was giving it. Then, suddenly, everything went blank.

Though it took only a second, it felt like minutes. My hands let go of my cock. My body froze-- legs wide and feet in the air.The image of a nameless girl who'd lost her top at the beach filled my mind-- the budding nipples, erect and jiggling as she tried to cover herself-- that blushing face with the shy smile as she looked right a me. That image, frozen like a photo. Then, the tingling/spasm came from my ass (prostate). Like the water bottle, I felt a flow of liquid start up the bottom, through my balls, up my shaft and out. The hot steams of sperm spewed from my pulsing cock, landing on my belly and face-- some going over my head. I had no control of my body for those precious moments. All the while, that girl's image still at the forefront. Wow. Five major waves of pleasure and ejaculate, followed by three of heavy oozing and a few more dribbles brought me back to earth.

Other than oozing or the mess of a wet dream, I'd never seen sperm I could now make myself feel good anytime I wanted. Amazing. I was hooked, albeit five years later than most.

FYI, as I typed this, I've been sitting on a vibrating prostate massager. Cum has been oozing out and, hopefully, a climax is coming sooner than later (hey, I'm 55 now-- cut me some slack).

Comments always welcome, regardless of gender or preference. More (true) stories coming.

Best, Ray

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