Wanted to go black, but i've come back

I've worked with an good looking very dark-skinned black woman who is now in her mid 30s for about 10 years now. We work at a pretty large place, and for a long time, i would just see her once in a while. Then a few years back, i started seeing her everyday (as is the case now) and realized that she was pretty hot and that i wanted to fuck her. FamiIiarity breeds horniness i suppose. I had never nailed a black chick, and became more and more interested in her being #1. She had the nice, long lean swimmers body that i go for, regardless of race. Flat tummy. Small boobs. She was a runner, and had sexy thighs and an adorable small ass that looked great in nice tight jeans. I wanted that little naked black butt up against my thighs and in my face in bed one night bad. I'm pretty sure that she had been married, but wasn't then and isn't now, and i was strongly considering asking her out to, eventually, try and get inside her jeans. Then i overheard her talking with a girlfriend one day that she had a boyfriend, so that was the end of that for me. I would have to admire that little black sex kitten from afar and limit our times "together" to a jacking off to a picture of her that i have. But that's not the end of it.
Recently, i've noticed that the inside of her car is incredibly dirty. Papers everywhere. Lots of clothes. Books. Food and drink containers. All kinds of shit. It looks like the kind of car that if you passed it on the street, you'd say, "...that looks like a car that someone lives in". Also, she had some kind of illness either towards the end of '17 or at the start of '18 that resulted in her losing a lot of weight off an already thin body, and not in a good way. The cool thighs and cute butt are gone, replaced with skin and bones. Even her small-already tits look smaller. She wears super grungy clothes a lot of the time (ugly, baggy hoodies, pants that look like they are two sizes too big for her, etc.). I don't know for sure, but i sure seems like she is either living in her car or is homeless to some degree. One night 3-4 months ago, i pulled into the local library's parking lot after it had closed to get the local newspapers (i had the closing time wrong in my head), and she was sitting in her car, all alone reading something. Local homeless do gather in the parking lot there to spend the night, and that's when i started to wonder about her. I admit, all of the evidence is circumstancial. The filthy car. The grungy, baggy clothes (she used to wear nice tight tops and form-fitting jeans that her ass looked so yummy in you wouldn't believe it). The weight loss. I still like her, although my desire to put my dick in her mouth has gone down of late because of her dramatic body change, and i guess my question is what should i do to try and help her, or should i do anything at all. I've considered telling someone in HR at work about it, but that's about it.

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  • She's a JW? Well say no more. Think your only chance with that chick is long past as you would have had to catch her while things were good for her, before all this misfortune cam into her life. Being a JW does that to someone. They fork over all they have and all they earn to their Kingdom Hall and in return are taken care of by the Elders and other JW's. Only thing is it is like a pyramid scheme and as long as they can 'contribute' things are good but the minute they don't the JW's turn their backs on them and the next thing you know they are homeless and many end up jobless. Whatever they start out giving is great but the Elders just want more and more till then next thing you know they have to give them literally everything. I know as my wife's brother and sister in law went that route and we saw first hand how it works. When they were working toward the American dream like most people the JW's saw them as easy pickings and literally swindled them out of everything. Nice home, gone. Nice cars, gone. Owning their own business, gone. Then they ran into health problems too. Some other JW's put them up in sleazy rentals for a while and even lent them cars but they lost it all. My in laws and other family tried to help them out but all they gave or loaned them ended up going to the JW's. Finally everyone cut them out of their lives. Their oldest kid, who was raised normal by the sister in laws grandmother and never became a JW, was very successful in her own right in the tech boom and finally bought her parents a home and a decent used car. She kept title to each so they couldn't give it away though and this caused a rift with her parents. They don't even speak to each other anymore. The daughter had to repossess the car and evict them from the house. Better to not get involved bro. Just move on. If she comes to her senses and leaves JW then you can try things with her again, but only if she leaves the Witnesses.

  • So noted. I don't think the JW thing is a huge part of her life at this point, but i know that JWs can be a little out there, so i'm not totally disagreeing with you. Anyhow, i found out this week she's getting another job in early july, so the chances of me ever fucking her, which were at "probably zero" before are now!at "definitely zero"

  • You don't want to help her, you want to fuck her, and apparently that includes fucking up her life by " telling someone in HR at work ". If you can't man-up and talk to her like a human, just leave her the fuck alone !

  • False. Still true. False.

  • How did you type all that out with only 3 toes on each of your paws?

  • 90% of Negroids are drug addicts and/or alcoholics. 60% of them have syphilis, and 52% of them are infected with the Aids virus. That is why God colored them black, so the rest of us can identify them and stay the fuck away from them. Clearly, you need to stop fantasizing about putting your dick inside of this abomination, and stick to your own race.

  • How did you type all that out with only 3 toes on each paw?

  • I doubt strongly that it's drugs. She grew up jehovahs witness, and shooting up or snorting coke just isn't her thing. I've never seen her all pilled up or loaded. She works full-time at the same place i do but, like i wrote, all the circumstancials point, to me, to her living in the car

  • Sounds like she could be a drug addict. That is likely why she is homeless, if she has a job. I'd suggest steering her to any means of public assistance to help out. Other than that, there is not much you can do. A friend of mine was like this, and I tried to get her set up in hotels and stuff (gave her thousands), but she is still homeless, because heroin is a beast.

  • I don't think it's drugs. She grew up and still is, to a degree, jehovah's witness, and i just don't see her shooting up or snorting or getting all pilled up. I've never seen her wasted at work (she's there full-time like me) but all of the circumstancials, like i said, point to her living, atleast somewhat, on the streets. Thanks.

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