A mix of our past

Late on night my wife and i began discussing fantasies and turn ons, she told me she has one from her childhood. It gets bad before it gets better. At age 13 her mom would drop her off at an older mans house where he would touch her, massage her and sit her on his lap. He then would rock her in a way as to grind her pussy on his leg. Then as time would go on her mom would talk her into blowing this man and swallowing. This occured over two years. She tells me that she loves that naughtyness and wants it from me. So when we have sex i pretend shes younger and i groom her for my pleasures. One night she came home in leggings and a baggy dress shirt and i took her. I talked to her like i was older and i forced her mouth on my cock and face fucked her hard. She squirted on our floor and i made her lick it as i "molested" her. When she went to change i took her, covering her mouth and i bit her, i spanked her, i gagged her. Then when i was about to cum i again forced her little slut mouth on my cock and exploded in her mouth. Now were into that role play. And she brings her friends over to be groomed like her. The sex is amazing.

20 days

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    • My wife started fucking at a early age, the summer after getting out of seventh grade, she started fucking her mothers little brother, her mothers boyfriend and a friend of his. I married her when we were both in our mid twentys, she told me latter that by then she had fucked about 35 guys, she had learned well she was very good piece of ass and gave a great blowjob, we had been married less than 1 year when I started doing mfm threesomes with her , she said that she would fuck anybody or anyway that I wanted, she has been true to her word.

    • I always wonder about my wife's youth. She is very close to a girl that she grew up next to. Now her friend is always complaining about her youth, as she says that she was molested by he step father. I know that my wife spent much of her youth at their house during that period of time. I've asked her several times is she witnessed any unseemly behavior from him.
      Her answers are alway a bit vague and really are nonanswers.
      If he was really the type of guy and groomer that her friend makes him out to be, and how the wife spent so much time there I find it surprising that she didn't see any of this.
      I sort of think that she might have been groomed a bit too. Just from some of her reluctance to talk about it.

    • Sick.

    • That's hot any more of your wife from when she was younger

    • She told me she used to hop in a truck with her prison guard neighbor and suck him off and then she would get her ass railed.

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