Exposing him..

How old were you the first time that you pulled a guy's pants and underwear down around their ankles and saw his package for the first time? Where were you and how did that first time unfold for you.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • Mmmm My first time with a guy was 15 and he was 24 and it was in mexico. He show me his penis ask me to suck it

  • Well I was 11 and the guy was 15. It was at his parents home in the garage. He took me inside and he asked me how'd I like to see his penis. Well being a very forward thinker I said , yeah show it. He did the pulling down though. Up to this point the only guy I had seen was my father getting dressed after a shower in my parents bedroom. Daddy was uncircumcised and I found this very interesting to say the least. My older friend Mike he was circumcized and I could see the tip of his penis really well. He told me it was okay if I wanted to touch it. So I remember taking him in my hand and very carefully examining him and even looking at his scrotum. I was very fascinated by his male parts. Oh and he had hair which I lacked at that time. I commented about his soft fine hair which encompassed his lovely tool. He asked me if I wanted to put my mouth on his penis. I didn't want to seem like a squeamish little girl so I kissed it. This made it move and so I did more kissing. He suggested I lick up and down around and under the tip. There I was kneeling before him with the tip of his hard cock on my tongue. I kept doing this and it wasn't very long before the damn thing shot it's venum inside my mouth gaging me. I wasn't a swallower that first time and I spit most of it on the cement floor. He thoroughly enjoyed it and I was his first blow job. A few weeks later we played show and tell in my bedroom with me showing him my little bald beaver and me playing with his penis till he ejaculated all over my bedspread. Those were some great times growing up .

  • My ex-girlfriend did it to me out at their pool in front of her mom, sister, and best friend. . I was standing there, talking with her hot, bikini-clad friend and my ex was getting jealous. She took out her jealousy on my by pantsing me. Oddly, I didn't know I was even pantsed until I could feel my cold, wet trunks around my ankles and looked at the shocked look on her friend's and her mother's faces. When I pulled them up, I turned to my girlfriend who was running away and heading inside to cry. Yeah, she had borderline personality disorder, which for her meant mood swings and fear abandonment issues. When she broke up with me, I waited a couple of weeks and asked out her hot friend....who said that she couldn't date me as it would ruin her friendship with my ex.

  • When I was 13 and my mom wanted me to suck her boyfriend’s dick in front of her.

  • Really? And how did she bring it up to you.. Was it awkward??

  • 16 we were drinking with some friends and my "loser" friend made a move on me and put my hand on his crotch and led me to a room. I was with my bf but he was ignoring me to talk to his crew and I felt bad for my friend so I pulled his pants down and let him fuck me with his small dick. Told my bf that a tiny baby penis just fucked me and left my asshole full of cum and he laughed it off as a joke.

  • And where did you end up pulling his pants at?

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