Married man but im pretty sure I might be gay.

So im pretty sure im gay. Ive been with quite a few women and ive enjoyed it in the past but I have always had an interest in guys. I have fooled around with guys before and I really loved it. But its been a while and ive wanted it more and more.
My wife and I have been having anal sex since before we were married and she is great at it but we didnt do it often. That was until about a year ago when I convinced her to have anal after I had been watching gay porn. I was just so overcome with watching that cute guy get fucjed in his tight ass by a well endowed man that I ciuldnt get the thought out of my head. I had only bottommed before for a coiple guys but I really wanted to have a turn beibg a top.
so that night I went straight for my wife's butt and imagined that she was that hot guy. I must have blown my load faster than ever thinking of shooting it into his smooth tight butt. It was so good that I kept going after I came and then came again inside her thinking of him.
Since then I will only have anal sex with her. Its been probably 15 months since I last had vaginal sex eith her. She has some dildos she uses sometimes but she has a pretty low sex drive and rarely plays with them. To be honest ive kind of lost my desire for her sexually. Women just dont do it for me in general anymore. Ive found myself not really checking out women anymore and only looking at men. When I watch porn its nothing but guys anymore. Is it possible to really change sexual preferences like that?

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  • You will know your gay when you can't get hard with a woman only men

  • Yeah it's possible. I like watching guys jacking off and I prefer dick over pussy, but as far as I'd go is trannies. I love girls (even though I'm starting to hate them all because of their careless attitudes), but boobs + nice dick = win. Hope everything works out for you in the future and you can find a guy to be happy with.

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