Mom knows

I'm pretty sure my mom knows that I suck my buddy's cock.

25 days

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    • My mom caught me sucking cock when I was 13 years old and the boy was 17 I had already given him head a few times before. We were in the garage and I was on my knees in front of him and he had just started cumming in my mouth when my mother walked in on us. The boy got scared and pulled his pants up and ran off and there I was swallowing cum and wiping cum off my face. My mother tried to talk to me about how wrong it was for two boys doing something like that. And if my father found out he would beat me really bad. I never sucked cock at my house again and I never stopped sucking cock I already had a reputation for giving head so I did it in the woods and in cars and at other places but never let my mom find out about it again.

    • If I knew my son was sucking his buddy’s dick I’d straighten his out.
      Id put him on restriction and he would have to lick and fuck my pussy everyday while on restriction. Minimum of two weeks. He would learn not to be a homosexual. I’m 36 and in excellent shape he wouldn’t be able to resist. My son is 13 and if I am unable to turn him around my oldest daughter will she’s 17 and very beautiful. No Gay men in this house there’s to females in our house to let that happen.

    • I think I need you to punish me. I’ve been a bad boy sucking cock and need help. I think sucking and fucking your pussy should be a good start. To ensure the punishment is successful I’ll do the same with your daughter.

    • You are 36? You sound like a 12 year old idiot

    • I'd love to have a mom like you

    • Well dickhead stop doing it when she can see you, fuckwit

    • My mother knows that I would like to feel of and suck her huge fat tits, I told her this.

    • How did she find out?

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