Boss caught me blowing another guy

Everyone at work knows me and this other guy smoke weed. Nobody thinks anything of it when we go behind the factory every break. There's a small storage building that's out of the weather and fairly safe to get away with smoking pot there at work. We do smoke but the main reason we go hide in that building is so that I can suck his cock! I met him in the park a few years ago and gave him several blowjobs there. He remembered me right away but I had no idea who he was until he said we met in the park. He asked me if I was "still into that" and I nodded, embarrassed at admitting it in this public situation. At his suggestion we met out back at break time then I sucked his cock for the first time at work. It was fucking awesome! Everyone mention the aroma of weed around us and we all laughed. But my dick was still hard being in front of everybody not even five minutes after sucking my buddy's cock. I've been getting that same thrill every break for the past 3 months! Three times a day I get to suck a big hard cock plus I get paid for it! But, our little excursions to the storage shed got the attention of our boss. He figured he could look good if he caught us smoking weed out there. He went out at a time and hid in the back of the building behind some materials. He could see the door where we usually stood, and the milk crate next to it. Once I had had a few tokes that's where I would sit to suck my buddy off. The boss said he was just about to come from his hiding spot when I sat down and started blowing my friend. He commented on how the slurping was rather loud echoing off the tin walls. And he said he never thought in a million years that I would be kind of guy that would suck another guy's cock. I hide it well. The boss only confronted me and didn't say anything to my friend. He told me he wouldn't do anyting but that he wanted us to stop smoking pot back there. I was so embarrassed but glad that's as far as it went. I could lose my job for smoking weed at work but I would be humiliated if everyone found out that I was actually sucking my buddy's cock out there too! Still, he has no idea we were caught so we've still been going out there every break to get high and have me eat his dick before going back to work! The boss knows I'm still sucking his cock and he just looks at me afterward and shakes his head. Having him know is scary and exciting at the same time. I wonder if I could get him to hide and watch me again! I'm not sure he knows that I swallow! Oh God, I'm sick! I hope I don't lose my job because I'm secretly addicted to cock! Although that would give me a lot of free time to go out and suck a lot more cock in the part again! Oh God, I'm sick! It's a good thing that I can keep a secret. And my boss too!


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  • I would love to have a work buddy who would suck my cock every day. I'd skip lunch every day if it meant that I could feed him my load.
    But what would be even better would be to get to suck cock three times a day every weekday! Wow! I'm jealous.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • And you are not blowing your boss yet?

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