I want to share my wife nudes pictures with my buddy’s.

My buddy’s want to see my wife nudes should I show them ?

Jun 27
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    • I have and it has lead us an adventure that we both enjoy

    • Send me pictures for your wife

    • Depends. Will you have her permission? Are you willing to put up with your buddies sharing her pictures with their buddies? Are you willing to put up with all these "buddies" trying to get into her panties? Are you willing to put up with the wives of these buddies giving your wife grief after your buddies share her pictures with them?

    • If you show your wife’s nude photos to your Buddy, he will think about your wife even more. He already wants to fuck her, watch her suck his cock, and if he sees her baked, it will only make him want her more. If you give him a copy of her naked photos, he will be stroking his cock until he cums, believing that his cock is inside your wife! If you show him, then tell her, she will be wondering what it will be like to kiss and go down on his hard cock. You will be fucking your wife while she’s thinking about your buddy’s bigger cock. Since he’s never fucked her before, when he dies, they will both think what a great fuck. If your wife already knows he’s got a great cock, she will be excited, especially since some women will brag about their husband’s cock length and thickness to other wives.

    • That depends, would your wife know?
      You would be breaking her trust if you did without her consent. If she agrees then share away & watch the guys drool

    • Send them to me also lynch.martin367@googlemail.com

    • Yes, show him your wife's nudes. Then let him fuck her!

    • Yes show him and me to record674@gmail.com

    • Would like to see her smittychris4@gmail.com

    • Absolutely. Send them my way also: granger5162@hotmail.com

    • Mke2001w8tr@gmail.com

    • Do you want to show him? Will he see her after he sees the pictures?

    • Yes...gets me horny exchanging my wife's photos with others ..

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