Secret Addictions

I suck my buddy's cock for lines of coke. I don't know which I love more! It started when he secretly followed me to the park one night. He hid in the bushes and watched why while I proceeded proceeded to suck off 3 guys in a row. He had no idea I was queer. And it astonished him to know that they were all strangers that I had never met before. He could have told all our friends but instead he made me suck as cock that that night. It was humiliating especially when we were with those friends and he started making queer jokes. I laughed along with everyone but I'm sure I blushed. But thankfully he couldn't tell anyone! It was just as bad if everyone thought you got your cock sucked by another guy.Even though I was being forced, after a while it just became routine for me to blow him. It was even fun sometimes! When we got into weed and other drugs he used that as a bribe. Now we sort of have a mutual agreement. He knows that I won't suck his cock unless unless he shoots me a couple of buds or lays out some rails. He's still a pretty generous guy, however. He will give me extra if I suck his cock more than once and even more if I swallow his cum. I just can't stop because I love getting high and I love sucking on his big cock just as much!

2 months ago

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