Big mistake

We've been best friends forever. But a few months ago we got wasted and I sucked my buddy's cock. Once we got over the embarrassmeant I actually gave him a pretty good blowjob! I was pretty fucked up! I even swallowed his cumshots! To make matters worse I gave him a second blowjob at the end of the night. So it's not like I was just curious for just the one time. It was pretty obvious I liked sucking his cock. The problem is, no that's all he wants to do. As soon as he comes over he whips it out. Hurry up blow me! I wanna cum in your mouth, hurry! Everyday since then it's been the same thing. I barely have time to say hello and I've got the guy's cock in my mouth! In the last month I probably sucked his cock 100 times! I can blow him and 5 minutes later I look over and he's got another hard on. I'm ready. Suck it! 3, 4, even 5 times a day. It's ruined our friendship. We don't do anything else anymore. All I do is suck his cock almost continuously when we're together. I'll tell you, I'm feeling pretty used. His dick is big, and it was a lot of fun when I was drunk. Now all I do when we're together is suck his cock. Now I think that giving blowjobs to my buddy is the worst thing that could have happened to me. Now it seems like the only reason we're friends is because I swallow his cum.

Apr 17

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    • Next time meet at a bar or go to a sports game, somewhere where he can’t get his cock out for you to suck. Meet at the location.
      Then you can say “hey this was really nice, I would really like to do more of this”.
      Then it can open up the conversation that although you love sucking how cock, doing it all the time is not what you want. That you can make it something you only do once a week or what ever you want. You are the some swallowing his cock, so you can dictate the terms”.

    • Then if he renigs, make a loud scene and break it off embarrassing his ass. I'm sorry he does you this way! So many of us would kill to have someone like you! A good friend who loves draining your balls for you. This dude isn't being a good friend! He's being a jerk!

    • Your not his friend Your his suck buddy that's all. There's nothing wrong with that if you enjoy sucking his cock. I am a married man and I have friends that I hang out with and I know guys that I suck cock for you have to separate your friends from the guys that you give blowjobs to. I have had guys that wanted me to be able to suck them off every day and sometimes 2 and 3 times a day and get upset if I couldn't do it right away well I have a life and other things I have to do pushy guys I don't put up with. I like when a guy calls or messages me and asks if I have time for him and understands that I may not be able to take care of him right then and there. This one guy I know we make plans to get together for the day and I suck his cock as many times as he can get hard and cum and we both enjoy the day together I know what I am there for and I don't consider him a good friend just a guy that I enjoy sucking his cock and swallowing his cum.

    • I have just the opposite problem. My buddy wants to suck my cock all the time. I have a girlfriend and he's married but neither of the women in our lives know. The first time it happen we were drunk off our ass and we started getting crazy inappropriate with each other and when we finished we both agreed not to tell our wives and girlfriends. We decided to take that one crazy few hours to the grave without saying anything but my buddy had other plans. He says that sucking my dick is the best thing he has ever experienced and wants to do it all the time. He has even gone so far as to come to my work and suck me off in the men's room. When we are together all he wants to do is suck my dick and he usually greets me by trying to open my pants and it doesn't matter where or when. My big fat girlfriend sucks dick like a champ but lately she is starting to wonder what's going on because I haven't been in the mood to get a blowie. The whole situation is just so off-putting.

    • I had a similar experience and was feeling a bit used. Although I loved sucking his cock, there were times when he was inappropriate and almost mean. I finally had enough and told him he either changes his attitude or I won’t be his cock sucker. I told him it had to be as much fun for me as it is for him. Since then it has been great. We do lots of other things together and when I do suck his cock, I do my best to make it better than the last.

    • I was the sort of opposite. Through a threesome, my friend and his wife, I found out what I knew I’d like, sucking cock.
      From that time on, when we were alone, my friend and me would get down to some cocksucking fun. My friend was big. Beautiful, perfectly proportioned but big and after a while of sucking him my jaw would start to ache so I’d take a rest and wank him and lick his glorious glans.
      This was when he would push me away so he could access my very average cock. He was insatiable, if he wasn’t sucking it he was wanking me and telling how perfect my cock was. When I orgasmed he would swallow everything I had and still want more. He even used to suck me off when I was driving. It kinda spoiled our friendship a bit and we had a big fall out when his wife found out what we were up to. The cow even blamed me for starting it.

    • Sounds like a pretty good friend to have around to me.. He feeds you lots of delicious cum, no strings attached. Quit catching feelings and fill your belly. Id give anything to have a buddy like that! I do get what you're saying about your friendship, that's over I think. You can't suck your buddy's cock and expect things to remain the same. Just enjoy the ride and when you're done, cut it off. Remember you control things. Not him. If you're embarrassed about others finding out, maybe it's just time to come out as bi and tell him to fuck off. He has just as much to lose if he tells. You control you! But I love cum just that much to get used like this!!! Send him my way! 😉

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