A girl named Ginger

Back in HS there was this girl named Ginger, not red headed like you're probably imagining, dark brown hair, big green eyes, a little on the thicker side. She worked at the local subway in our small town. She went through a little hoe phase and me and several other guys fucked her. I probably the 2nd or 3rd guy. They gave her the nickname "meat flaps". I didn't know why until I had sex with her one day at the park. She bent over her seat and she had a fat little pussy with big lips hanging down, only one I've ever seen like it in real life. I remember it being incredible, not just her pussy but just how sexual she was and open about what she wanted. She was on the pill and would let us bust in her. I remember fucking her one night after a field party, we were wasted, I was on top of her she soaked the seats in my truck. This was before I knew what squirt was so I thought she peed or something. There was another night at a party I fucked her and ate her out, I remember her being extra creamy and messy when I went down on her, didn't think much of it. Come to find out 2 of my buddies had already fucked her and nutted in her. I will never live that one down. We still to this day refer to her as creampie or Ole meat flaps. Those were good times. I've got another story about a thicker girl named Christy I went to school with that was a huge slut if anyone is interested.

May 9

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    • I would love to hear about Christy. varsity6971@gmail.com

    • I married her. And her cunt is now like a train tunnel.

    • Nothing better than getting to eat a fresh creampie. So delicious!

    • Nice fiction, Cayden…Seth…Dylan…Dakota….or whatever your faggot name is.

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