Fashion show

At Christmas birthdays and other occasions , I will buy my wife clothes underwear shoes etc , My wife would at some point try it all on , We would
Plan a night when she would model it , I would video her to show her what she looked like in it , She would shower shave do her hair and makeup and put her jewellery on , Then she would try on her things ,we always had a glass or two of wine , On this occasion my wife had a little more wine than usual , With the wine and being videoed this would turn my wife on sometimes , On this occasion my wife had put on a jacket and skirt with her high heels , Then there was a knock on the door , I answered the door it was john the old boy from next door , He said he was feeling a bit down needed company , So I said come in , He looked at my wife and said oh was you going out , And I said no she is
just trying on her new clothes to show me , My wife said I'll just change back to my old clothes , I'll try the other things on another time , john said don't mind me im ok watching you trying things on , I said yea its ok cheer john up , So my wife went in and out of the bedroom trying on different outfits , John was complimenting my wife all the time ,She said that was it now the rest his a really short skirt and underwear and I'm not showing john that , John said I don't mind , And I said I'm fine with it if you are , My wife said no Im not fine with it , Anyway we had run out of wine John said I'll be back in a minute , He had popped home to get some more wine , When he returned we all had more wine , I noticed john was pouring wine to my wife constantly ,Has time passed by my wife was a bit tipsy , John then said to my wife , Why don't you show us the rest then looked at me , Then I said yes go on show us the rest , A few minutes later she returned in a tiny mini skirt her bra and high heels , John was just looking my wife up and down ,She was a bit unsteady on her feat , He said does your panties match your bra ,My wife lifted the hem of the skirt up to reveal them , I picked my video camera up i thought I'll tape this to show my wife when she is sober , John said take your skirt off , My wife could not undo her skirt ,So john stood up and helped my wife , it dropped to the ground leaving my wife in her bra and panties , Me and john was looking at her for what seemed ages , He looked at me put his hand around her back then undone her bra ,I could have stopped it but I didn't I don't know why ,He yanked her bra off , Looked at me and said in a dirty voice nice tits , This was
strange feelings I was having , John knelt down staring at my wife's crutch , Then he pulled her knickers down to her shoes then buried his head in her crutch , My wife lost balance fell on the armchair ,John pulled her knickers off then started licking my wife , My wife looked at me I said do you want this to stop ,She shook her head , John smiled undone his belt and trousers pulled his pants down ,His dick was big really big , He wasted no time pushed it straight in my wife pumping away hard , Sucking her tits kissing my wife ,He said I'm going to fuck you when he his not here is that ok he repeated it , My wife said yes john had a grin on his face ,He said to her again ask me to come back and fuck you , And tell your husband you want me to fuck you , My wife said to him , Come back and fuck me anytime looked at me then said john will be fucking me when your not here , I was angry john said where do you want me to come my wife was smiling at me , I said up her ass

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  • Well, do you know that she is having sex with other men now or is she keeping it a secret.

  • John and his mate fucked her this time

  • Watch out, John has unleashed your wife's inner-slut. Sometimes it takes a few drinks to get there, but there is no doubt that John liked it (new toy) and so did your wife. If it was a one-off thing, it may have been cute, but the way John talked down to you was unnecessary. You should have bashed his head in when he said that he was going to fuck your wife when you weren't around.

  • If there’s a shred of truth to this you just got into a whole lotta trouble. Assuming she sobered up and didn’t leave you for getting her drunk and letting the neighbor take her after she clearly said no to even just modeling suggestive clothes to him, now do you even think for a second that John won’t make good on what he said? It might have been just wine and sex talk but I’d bet once he thinks about it, it will become reality.

  • My wife and myself didn't speek about that night for sometime , I think both of us was carried away with the situation at the time , It was exciting I don't know why but it was , john was his normal self so everything was back to normal no need to discuss what had happened , I carried on like normal going to work , john was retired , my wife worked part time , So it was all back to normal , So I thought

  • Man, that was brutal to read. Whatever happened to basic grammar?

  • Seems you entered a whole new world of sexual fun. Unless your wife sobered up the next day and but a stop to it.

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