Got my kid’s babysitter to ballbust me now she loves it

So im a single dad and i have a girl who babysits that is 19 years old nad very very hot...about 5’5,125lbs, long black hair, big natural 34 DD boobs which look enormous on her tiny little frame....anyway I’ve always had a ballbusting fetish and have had it done to me in night while “Dani” was babysitting i came home early and she had a movie on. I sat down on the couch and started watching and we were just casually talking...anyway at one point in the movie a girl kicked a guy in the balls and then grabbed and squeezed them and said “aww do they hurt bad”...well at that point Dani said “wow that must really hurt a guy huh”? I told her yes it hurts but it can also be pleasurable also in a pain/pleasure type way...she was confused and I started to explain what ballbusting is and she was very intrigued and couldn’t believe it and kept asking more questions. After we were discussing it for about a half hour i asked her if she wanted to try. She said “yeah i would love to but on who?” I told her me..she at first said no she couldn’t she would feel bad etc. after i told her its ok dont feel bad i dont mind and so on she agreed and seemed very eager...i told her the best way to do it is naked so she can see the target better so we better go into the bedroom, she was a little surprised but agreed. I told her to take her shoes off as barefoot is best so she can feel her feet making contact with my balls..she was wearing a sundress and her boobs as usual looked huge..anyway she started out with some light kicks and knees and i told her she can go harder.she was concerned she would “damage” me but i told her she wants to see how bad it really hurts a guy tho right? She said yes she I spread my legs and she kicked HARD with her right foot..the kick landed squarely on both balls and i doubled over but then stood back up...she was surprised and then started kicking harder and more...she then came up to me and put her hands on my shoulders and kneed me very hard in my balls. It was a loud thud and i went to double over but she held me up and looked in my eyes and kneed me again hard. This time i went down hard holding my balls...when i got back up she wanted to see them and couldn’t believe how red they were and swollen they were getting and asked if it hurt bad..i told her yes it hurts but she also noticed i was hard so she said i must be turned on tho too..she asked if she could continue and I said yes. She wanted to try kicking me from behind so she had me lean over the bed and spread my legs...she wound up and kicked very hard nailing my left ball only...the pain was incredible...i told her she nailed the left one only so she said she has to even it out and do the right...the next kick was all on the right ball and i was on the ground groaning...she asked if i can continue and i said yes..she told me to stay on the ground on all fours and spread them...she took a running start from behind and it felt like my balls exploded as the loudest thwack noise was heard. I curled up in fetal position and she said that was so awesome she wants to kick like that again..i told her i dont thin i can take another one like that my balls were throbbing....she told me what if she gave me incentive? I asked what she meant and she said she would get naked just like me, she saw me always checking her tits out. With that type of incentive I couldn’t say she took her sundress off i took the time to recover best i could. When i looked up she was just in a thong and bra and wow were her tits big! She told me to stay on the ground in same position she wants to do another running kick...i was real nervous this time...she took a running start and BAM her foot exploded into my balls...i was curled up in horribleness balls were on fire...i told her I couldn’t take anymore, but she said she was having so much fun she wanted to keep going...could i continue if she got naked? As much as it hurt and i thought I couldn’t i said yes...she took off her bra and i was in awe...amazing tits with pierced came off the thong..totally shaved small pussy lips and great ass....she told me to stand up and aid she wanted to knee me in the balls 20 times in a row...she grabbed me by my shoulders and drives her knee up hard as her big tits bounce up and down...after 7 consecutive knees I slump down and my face is near her tits...i tell her it really hurts and she says i can hold onto her tits as she knees me if she can continue...i had to say yes..omg her tits were so heavy and big as i held them in my hands she drove her knee up hard another 5 times in a row my balls were throbbing. I was doubled over with my hands on her tits holding me up. She stood me back up and drove her knee up super hard into my balls and the knee cap nailed the left ball squarely and i hit the ground in pain. She said i had 7 left still...i told her she nailed my left one only and she said she will aim for right...the next two were right ball only..the next four were square on both and i was in serious pain..she grabbed my shoulders hard for last one whispered in my ear “im sorry” and drove her knee up as hard as she could dropping me to the ground in agonizing pain...after about 5 min she told me to get up and lay on the bed. I laid on my back on the bed and my balls were in serious pain, she started inspecting them and said they were very red and bruising already and beyond swollen..she started kneading them and rolling them between her hands and i was jumping in pain...she asked if it hurt really bad and i said yes..she said it was making her very very wet and turned on me allowing her to do this to my balls..she wanted to try punching them she said..she started punching them hard over and over and my balls were on fire...she then grabbed them in her left hand at base of the balls tight and balled up her right fist and slammed it down into them...i saw stars but she didn’t let go and slammed into them 5 more times before releasing them....i rolled over curled up and felt like i was gonna be sick my balls were burning with white hot pain! She told me its gonna be ok and asked how bad my balls hurt. I told her I’ve never felt them hurt so bad in my life before....she said that made her very happy and it also made her hot...she asked if i could continue and i told her thats it no more they feel like they are broken or something is wrong they hurt so bad..she said I already have a kid and i said I didn’t want anymore so even if they are damaged what’s the big deal..she said she would make a deal with me...if i could take 20 more punches she would allow me to cum if i still was able to.. now that was enticing..i asked her if it could be ten more punches and she agreed on 15 so i took it...she grabbed my balls with her left hand tight again at base forcing them tight and started to punch down hard with her knuckles over and over again 10 straight times i was seriously light headed and dizzy..she said she was breaking blood vessels in my balls she could see and they really looked bad..then for final five she drove her hand down in a hammer fist motion as hard as of the hits it felt like she dented my left ball it was so hard....she let go of my balls and I just curled up and writhed in pain...she said she wanted to inspect them again and slowly held them and felt them as i winced in pain from even the slightest touch. She asked me if they hurt very bad and i said yes, she told me they looked very very painful...she then said she needs to cum shes so turned on and ordered me to eat her pussy out and lick her clit. She sat on my face in 69 position and told me to make her cum hard..i thought she was gonna give me a bj and thats how she was gonna allow me to cum but instead as i started to eat her out she started squeezing my balls was beyond painful..she then separated the balls and clamped down and squeezed one in each hand as hard as she could as i was dying in pain....i kept eating her out and licking her clit and she started to she was cumming she squeezed my balls harder than ever and i thought i was gonna pass out...after she came she said sorry bout your balls they really dont look good....i was in horrible pain but she said i was a really good sport and also made her cum so hard i can cum now..she said it will prob make my balls feel a little better and relieve some of the swelling by emptying them. She told me she really wanted to fuck me but doesn’t think my balls are in any shape for that now so she will give me a hand i laid there she started jerking me off and it felt great and her gorgeous tits were bouncing and she jerked me off she asked me which ball hurt more and i told her my left from getting struck so many times individually. She said she wanted to see for herself and squeezed the right one only and i moaned in pain and jumped. Then she squeezed the left one only and i literally started shaking and almost cried as i yelled out in horrible pain..she said “yep you were telling the truth” she said the left one had more broken blood vessels and also had two huge purple bruises on it while the right had lighter smaller bruising..while both were very tender the left felt seriously she said she wouldn’t break my left ball since it felt damaged and looked so bad so she was gonna squeeze and twist my right ball only as i came so to tell her when i was close...if I didn’t tell her and just came then she would grab my left one and as i was close to cumming I told her and she grabbed my right ball and squeezed hard between her thumb and fingers trying to flatten it..i started crying out in pain but she didn’t stop and I started cumming real as good as it felt to cum it hurt just as bad with my balls being so swollen sore tender and bruised and she just kept squeezing harder as i was felt like it was being crushed flat...

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  • Try having her put your balls in a metal vise (like in a workshop), tighten it up and then lay your dick on the flat metal part, then hit the head flat with a hammer as she tightens the vise even more. I bet she would love that.

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