I am in love with my friend Elizabeth

I am in love with my friend "Elizabeth." I actually love her like sister, but have always been sexually turned on by her. I masturbate a lot, and I have to say she is my favorite masturbation muse. The first day I ever met her I went home and masturbated to her. That was more than 19 years ago, and I still masturbate to Liz more than any other woman. She's 46 now, dark blonde hair, about 5'4". She looks a lot like rock star Liz Phair, just a little taller. I spent part of yesterday with Liz. She looked so cute with her new bright red pedicure and her sleeveless top. Watching her sexy ass when she walked turned me on so. As soon as I got home I masturbated to her, and I've been masturbating to Liz again this morning. I love to masturbate to Liz and I love her so much. There has often been a sexual edge to our relationship, but that has never progressed to anything else. I am married (Liz is single), and my wife knows I masturbate to all my female friends. However, she doesn't seem threatened by Liz and is OK when she and I do stuff together. Still, I don't think my wife knows how infatuated I am with her, and how I'd love to have sex with Elizabeth and would love to openly masturbate in front of her!

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