Helping Stepson

I am step mother of an 18 year old young man in High School. After his mother died of sudden illness my husband married me and I have one year old son of my own. My stepson did not recover from the shock of his mother’s death. I was pregnant soon after our wedding due to which I could not spend enough opportunity to develop a loving relationship with him. I really want to be his caring and loving step mother. After I delivered my son, I spent lot of time to bring him emotionally close to me. I am a stay-at-home wife. He never changed and dislikes me. He does not have close friends or relatives who could emotionally interact with him. But he is good with his school work and spends most of his time for it.
Lately, I was paying more attention to what he is doing when he is alone by kind of espionage. I found he is masturbating frequently. I started thinking if he can come close to me emotionally if I satisfy his sexual needs. Don’t get me wrong. My sexual relations with my husband are extremely good and satisfying. I only want to help my stepson this way to make him like and love me as his step mother. My husband need not know about it and would understand if ever he comes to know. Please give your comments and suggestions which will be valuable to me to proceed further.

19 days

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    • Start walking around the house in your bra and panties for a few days.. Let him check out the goods. If he goes to his room, try to spy and see if he's masturbating to you. Flirt with him a little bit. Maybe he will try to seduce you himself. If he starts flirting back, I say go for it. It could be the start of something really fun and exciting. You could teach and groom him into pleasuring you endlessly.

    • I totally agree. Seduce him slowly

    • Fuck him your body in burning for him

    • Just do it. You know you want to already!

    • Even though it would be great reading to hear how you sucked him and he fucked you silly don't do it. It will end in disaster.

    • Same way you were busted fucking a goat but tried to tell everyone that the goat consented?
      Fuck off, Ausshole!

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