Daughter saids her secret and so did I

I am a 50 year old man and have been a drug addict since age 10.I am divorced 3 times and have 3 kids.My daughter who is now 23 is also an addict and she ask me to get high with her (ofcourse i bought the meth) and after a few hits she said Dad I have to tell you something and you wont belive me,so i said lets hear itAnd she told me that her Mom exwife #3 had set it up with her boyfriend dealer to get FREE meth by eatting Star's (my daughter) pussy in a 3 some with him.I said no way and she told me that her mom ask if she could and said they both could score bigtime and Star said she thought about it and said ok.And that evening her mother kept sayn she was going to be very happy and feel great because she has a magic tounge.I laughed about that because she could NOT suck cock for hrer life.Star told me that her mom had her strip while she snaped pictures and then started before he got there and was eatting her pussy and asshole when he walked in ,she said the guy had a very small cock and was done in a few min.But she did say that she kept her mom's tounge in her pussy till she came..I told her i cant belive that and she showed me her phone she had videos of it all.Star saw i adjusted my cock and ask if that turned me on,so i admitted that i had gotten my best blow jobs in my life from my mom back in the 80's when i was a teen and she said she heard me and her mom talk about it during sex and said she had found an old vcr tape that her and her friend watched that showed my mom sucking my dry.Star said she had fantisays about that video but it was her and not grandma,i told her why dream go ahead and do it .So she had my hard cock out in like 2 seconds and said she remembered that years before her and her friend sucked me in the car when i was on crack and that she was upset that i had cum in her friends mouth and not hers so i told her we can 69 and i got her on my face and as soon as i started eatting her pussy and run my tounge in her ass she showed me she sucked cock like my mother ,sucking hard and deepthroating me and she came in a few min and i held off as long as i could untill she swallowed every drop.And now she brings her HO friends over and has blowjob compitions with them and im the judge but Star always wins.We even faced her mother about it and she gave me head asking i not tell anyone but she still couldnt suck cock for a damn so i stick with Star...


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  • You still alive and free druggie?

  • Drug addict incest fantasy? I've never fantasized that I was a drug addict.

  • Wish me being an addict was a fantasy

  • BULL SHIT learn how to write.

  • Bull shit fuck you i am very happy and yes i use fom time to time and mabee wrong to fuck my daughter but she said its ok because her grandma said her mom started sucking her dad at age 13 and that if Star and i are happy then fuck everyone,and now Star finds me young pussy to have fun with us and i even bring a guy or two in also,we are tryn to get my son to play but he says not yet and his GF sucks my cock and her pussy while my son jacks off so i am thinking gloryhole at a bookstore and we see if he know his GF mouth or his sisters...

  • Yup you still suck

  • You are so full of shit your eyes are brown. And you still can't write.

  • I'm sry your daddy did you wrong but that's between you and your farm animals

  • Go hit that meth pipe some more druggie. Lady balls

  • Sry but I prefer a bubbler not a pipe,pipes are for trailer trash like you but I'll not waste more time on your childishness so have a great life Peace

  • I never did meth so I guess at a pipe. See you know more about that meth head. I'm not trailer trash but since you live in a dumpster you would have to look up at trailer trash. Keep doing the drugs soon you will be gone and we will be happier then druggie balls

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