Son with Dad and Mom

My parents mom is 44 and dad is 46 now and I'm 23 year old guy. I was 20 when it started. Both dad and I are bi and have sex oral and anal at least once a day each. His cock feels so good in my ass, I cum as he fucks me. Mom is a sex addict I think and wants sex constantly, she gets it from us several times a day.

On my 21st birthday mom told me she was pregnant by me. It was planned only I came in mom for two months. Dad only came in my mouth, mom's mouth or our asses.

During this lockdown I'm exhausted from all the sex we have, my cock hurts from fucking but it feels so good with them. We all agree we should have stared when I was 15 and they caught me spying on them and jerking off.

I hate we wasted so many years of great loving.

Incestuous love between a mother and son and a father and son is incredible and so fulfilling emotionally and sexually.


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  • I agree parent sex is incredible. my mom and stared 30 years ago, she was 39 and I was 15. I can truthfully say I have had no interest in any other woman. I only wanted her.

    We are a perfect couple, where wedding rings and live a normal life and have beautiful and smart child.

    BTW The sex is still hot and heavy and happens every day.

  • Step Dad and his brother have been taking good care of me. Uncle taught me to love getting my pussy eaten, step dad taught me to love getting my tits sucked, and they both taught me to love getting dp’d. So far I’m loving quarantine and can’t wait to have my first sonogram

  • Tell me more please

  • Your story sounds like a fantasy but with the age of consent i see nothing wrong with sex with family as long as birth control is used.

  • I'm not bi, but my parents are divorced. My mom has COPD and with the restrictions on a majority of the businesses, I do all the shopping so my mom can stay home. I'm home from college anyway. I think we both realized about the same time we to be more than just mom and son, we wanted each other sexually too.

    To me my mom was always one of those, "If she weren't my mom, I would fuck her" things. Last night she came to my room as I was watching TV in bed before going to sleep. She came into my room wearing her robe. She opened it and dropped it to the ground. I was surprised to say the least, when in the illumination of the TV I could easily see she was naked.

    She came to my bed with a grin standing next to me. I couldn't help checking out her big tits and her trimmed pubic triangle. I pulled back the covers and my mom got into bed with me. I was hard as a rock instantly as we began kissing passionately. I started fondling my mom's tits causing her to moan into my mouth. She pulled me on top of her, spreading her legs in the process. As we continued Frenching, my mom guided my cock to her wet pussy lips.

    As soon as I felt my mom's pussy on the head of my cock, I almost instinctively pushed it inside her. It felt so good when I hit bottom I couldn't help but fuck my mom hard and fast. My mom started calling my name, telling me harder, and faster, as her orgasm quickly approached. I was so excited I couldn't keep myself from cumming. At the same time my mom came yelling, "Oh honey, oh honey, oh honey, oh yes, fill me up with your cum!" I did just that as her pussy worked my cock squeezing out ever last drop from my balls.

  • Please describe what your mom looks like and tell me what’s it like to make love or fuck your mom

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