I used to be self conscious about my privates...was taught at an early age to keep them private...but once i reached a stage when i started to become curious about sex...things a serious turn..i lost my virginity before i even had sucked a cock yes i lost it under the bleachers of a public school it happened so fast i didn't even get to enjoy any part of it after he came my so called boyfriend ran off....i was traumatized by that....but within a cpl of months i started to secretly flirt and before long i was staying after school laying on his desk my panties moved aside and having my pussy eaten then a full adult size cock entering me hurt like heck but i wanted it and assisted the penetration ..i enjoyed the entire length of his cock completely disappear inside my hairless pussy and i didn't care if he erupted in my ovaries or in my mouth i enjoyed every inch of cock to the point that anything less then an adult cock wouldn't simply do it for me..i didn't start my menstrual cycle till late during summer vacation at that happened in the Carribean my mother simply said don't go in the water there're sharks out there...a 2 week vacation ruined by my i had to be careful my ovaries where in full bloom...that meant usage of condoms was a must...most boys my age where to embarrassed to buy condoms so getting an adult to fuck me was not an issue they are prepared for ripe young pussy at soon as we returned from the vacation i played the stupid blonde game i would my dad if my shorts were sexy .... he would smile and say" if i was young you would be in trouble " i would laugh and walk off to do my thing...but one day i came out of the shower wrapped in a towel and my hair almost dry ..i sat next to him on the couch he pushed me back i swung my leg open and before long he was eating my pussy i held him there pushing my pussy into his mouth till i had a strong orgasm he pulled his shorts down and his gargantuous cock swung down under it's own weight i stuck my tongue out and licked the tip with precum already i used my tongue to guide it to my mouth and sucked it and stroked it he pushed me back i spread my legs took his cock and rubbed it all over my pussy i guided it to my opening and pushed myself up into it and pulling him down into me ..he was good it felt like i was being spit open i couldn't take it all in ..but when he was cuming he pulled out and put it in my mouth making me suck it clean... i mentioned that he didn't pull out in time because i had cum in my pussy.....he told me no worries honey "you're the only kid that i will ever had "..i was fixed after you were can't use birth control and i was tired of condoms

30 days

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