Foot Job From Noreen: Awkward Awakening

Ref: Strip Poker With Noreen and Marta. This took place a few months later.

Noreen stopped over after work, a common occurrence. Dressed professionally in blazer, blouse, skirt, heels/hose, she plopped down on my sofa and removed her shoes. She rubbed her feet, complaining how much she had to stand that day.

"Rub them for me?," She asked.

It was innocent from her perspective. I'd given her quick massages before. We never had a romantic relationship or intercourse, and there are no regrets-she's a lot older than I am.

Having just finished a workout, I was in loose shorts. I sat on the other end of the sofa while Noreen laid back, putting her feet in my lap. I didn't (and still don't) think I have a foot fetish, but I did enjoy using my strong hands to work the stress from her calves, ankles, arches and toes. There was a bit of light stirring in my groin that was enhanced by Noreen's light sighs as she layed back, smiling with closed eyes.

Finished with her left foot, I placed it back on my lap and started on the right. Gentle moans of relief from Noreen, her left foot lightly moved across my groin. She didn't intend to turn me on and I had no expectations of this going beyond a massage. Valuing our friendship, I didn't want it too either. I did my best to minimize the pulsing of my penis.

Suddenly, "Are you looking up my skirt?"

100%, I was not. She knew it too. It was just Noreen being her funny, flirty self.

"You think I'm naked under my skirt? Here, look!" With big smile she raised her skirt fully up, revealing petite cute white panties under her pantyhose.

I know she was fully covered, but there is something sexy about seeing a "forbidden " place, like up a girl's skirt.

Laughing, she rubbed her feet over my growing crotch. My semi-erection was obvious. Then she got serious.

Still smiling, but no longer laughing, she wiggled her toes up through the leg of my shorts and directly on to my inner thigh and dick. Her left, nylon covered foot wiggling around my cock and balls, her right foot rubbing over they outside of my shorts, it was something I'd never experienced. It didn't last long.

Giggling once again, staring into my eyes she lightly whispered, "It's OK. Do it." I lost control. My legs and back stiffened as my dick erupted. My shorts and Noreen's were foot flooded with my amorous secretions. Eight, blissful waves later, the cum finally stopped spewing. There was so much, it leaked out. The rest of that evening was uneventful, so I'll spare the details.
While the strip poker game was the first time I'd had an orgasm with a girl, this was the first time I came from a woman's touch (in the referenced story, I ejaculated, suddenly, after Noreen pulled down my underwear in front of her pretty friend).Thankfully, there were more foot massages with Noreen and friends. You'll read about them on future posts.

Best, Ray

May 2

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