Strip-Poker With Noreen and Marta

You may say I was a late-bloomer as I didn't have penetrative vaginal sex until I was into my 20s. That doesn't mean there weren't a fair number sexual experiences. My awakening, though it started as an early teen, was always awkward and, at the time, embarrassing. Through the lens of 30-40 years, though, they were quite exciting and thrilling. This is one of many.

Noreen and I were serving on a destroyer tender--- a repair ship.-- one of the few ship-types that women served on. I joined right out of high-school. She was Filipino and joined around age 30. Not much younger than my mother, she was a bit of a mentor for me. Sometimes (more like often), she teased me about my virginal status. She knew how desperate I was to experience female affection. But, she also knew how awkward I was around women. This endeared me to her.

Other than photos, I'd never seen a real naked woman...and she had a plan to fix that. I had a deep crush on her friend, Marta. It was so bad, I could hardly speak to her without stuttering. Noreen's plan was to invite me to dinner/drinks at here apartment, then play a game of strip-poker. She assured me the game would be rigged so that I could see Marta's body. How would she convince Marta to play? She was assured I would lose...and thus, could tease me further.

I arrived around 5pm. Noreen gave me a kiss on my cheek and a knowing nod and wink. Marta had was already in the dining room, drinking wine. I gulped as I saw her. As requested by Noreen, all three of us were dressed nicely. I had a polo and khakis. The girls had nice skirts and blouses. I was shaking knowing that I would soon see what was under Marta's dress. At the same time, I was nervous and shy. The conversation was mostly between Noreen and me and her and Marta. Marta smiled at me and spoke, but my nervousness prevented much more. Dinner seemed to take forever, but at the same time, it went quickly.

Done with dinner, Noreen picked up the dishes. Marta got more wine, poured it, then grabbed the cards.

"Ready?," asked Noreen.

I was starting to feel bad that we'd be cheating Marta for my own pleasure and could hardly look at her. At the same time, I was not going to stop it.

The first few hands went evenly. We all lost our shoes. Then, I lost hand after hand after hand. I gave Noreen a desperate look as I removed my pants, leaving me in just tighty-whities. My slightly engorged penis was leaking a bit and it was showing through my underwear. While Marta excused herself to use the restroom, Noreen leaned oven to ensure me the plan was still on. She just didn't want Marta to be wise of it. Marta returned.

After the next few hands, both girls were down to their underwear. One more hand and I would, finally, see a naked girl.

I got excited by the three hearts in my hand. With the turn and the flop, I had a flush. I could hardly contain my excitement. My dick was almost fully hard. But then the River. Marta had a full-house. I lost. I gave a helpless look at Noreen. She grinned said, "You lose!" "Stand-up and show us". I just sat there. There was no way I could let the girl of my dreams see me naked while she was still covered, especially with an erection meant for her.

Finally, Noreen said, "How about this? You stand up in just your underwear." It would still be embarrassing because I was still erect, but at least, still covered. I stood up. Marta and Noreen dressed, then started a five minute timer.

So embarrassing.

Marta stared at me and smiled. My penis started to pulse, leaking more into my underwear. Marta giggled. I was shaking so bad I could barely stand. Distracted by my embarrassment, I lost track of where Noreen was.

4 mins, 3 mins. It was taking so long. Embarrassing, but a bit turned on as I'd never been exposed like this.

2mins, 1 min. I could hardly wait to get dressed. Marta still giggling.

0! The timer went off.

I was just about to relax when my underwear were yanked down from behind by Noreen. It was such a shock! There I was, fully naked in front of the girl I was hoping to see nude. My body was flooded by embarrassment, then ... something else. A tingling deep in my groin.

My penis erupted with wave after wave of pleasure, relief--and humiliation. I was no longer in control of my body. Instead, it was forcing me to show Marta how much I liked her. Finally, after what seemed like forever, I came back to earth. My penis, semi-erect and starting to shrink continued to drizzle the remainder of the contents of my balls.

Noreen handed me some paper towels, then left the room with Marta as I dressed.

Drained, I could hardly face them when they returned. But, they were gracious.

Noreen poured more wine. Noreen and Marta then, admitted the game was rigged for ME to lose! They both hugged me and we all laughed. Marta ensured me, there was no reason to feel embarrassed. While they never expected me to orgasm like that, was, definitely a very welcome surprise.

Mart already had a boyfriend, so this was just a one-time thing. But, there were more awkward, embarrassing and exciting, learning times with Noreen.

Apr 25

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    • Not sure I'd be good with friends seeing my wife naked, but in front of strangers... Nothing is hotter than the sudden exposure of a nipple or body part.

    • Sexiest thing I ever saw was my 19 yr old wife stand up in her little top and bikini panties - and pull her panties down in front of my 3 buds when she lost the hand at strip poker.
      Her panties~! not her top!
      Her friggin fluffy auburn triangle was amazing to see - for us 4 guys!

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