I’m hungry for men sexually and a bit more

I’m a retired bi man and love having sex with women and men with equal enjoyment and gusto. I have my entire life. While sex with women is fun, exciting, erotic and satisfying, it also comes with a very natural and enjoyable feeling, an emotional aspect….love and similar romantic feelings, and connection and attachment. I’m a one-woman man.

With men it’s sexual. I have no interest in living with a man, or dating one or falling in love. I couldn’t, I’m not wired that way. And I’ve made it a rule to only have sex with those who feel the same in order to avoid drama and emotional strings. I communicate that up front and make sure we’re on the same page. With men, I can and do have many partners, not all at once but days apart. I currently have four male partners.

However, lately I’ve discovered with some of my male partners an exciting thrill from a very controlled sort of sex with them that I’ll call “romantic role play”. Within the confines of a bedroom and with a mutually agreed upon policy of “what happens in bed stays in bed”, we are free to be romantic, to enjoy sensual kissing and the intimacy of lovemaking. And the thrill and excitement is heightened by the understanding that we are enjoying a sort of mindless no strings form of sex. It’s a way to let go and explore and enjoy fantasies without attachment.

When we make love, eye to eye, hands interlocked, kissing, one breathlessly telling the other “make love to my pussy, cum in it, make me feel you deep in me” it’s wildly erotic. After cumming we lay as lovers, kissing, whispering, allowing an exchange of intimacy that we both acknowledge a need to release. Then it’s up, dressed and happily back to reality and unemotional attachment. It’s a very deep and satisfying release. I’m very happy to have let down my guard and opened myself to this experience.

Apr 28

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    • I have been bisexual since I was a young boy and I never kissed another guy during or after sex. I am married and my wife knows that I am bi and she is okay with it as long as I am the one who is sucking and getting fucked she doesn't want me fucking someone else with my dick. And I don't mind that because I have always been a bottom. I was seeing this one guy and it was always the same thing I would suck him off then he would fuck my ass and afterwards we would be just friends. Then one night he was over and we started out with the same thing me sucking his cock and then he was fucking me from behind. Then he had me get on my back with my legs up over his shoulders fucking me really slow and I was looking at him in his eyes and he leaned over and kissed me and in the heat of the moment I kissed him back not even thinking about what I was doing and as we were kissing I had a hands free orgasm. I was used to just being fucked by guys but he was making love to me and I went along with it. He and I are still having sex and we kiss each other a lot and afterwards we are just two guys that had fun together.

    • Well done. I wish I was able to do that with a friend of mine. Years ago, I over did it and he stopped seeing me, not because he didn’t enjoy our sex, it was the fact I kissed him. Not a peck on the cheek but a long , intense tongue in the mouth kiss as I fucked him. He said it was “too queer”.

    • Yes I get that, I’ve had men respond similarly. They think kissing implies romance. I always explain that for me kissing is kind of like giving a blowjob. Just another form of sexual release although admittedly with a temporary fantasy type romantic twist to it. Some men don’t get that.

    • Would you be into having a threesome with a middle aged couple?

    • Yes, absolutely. Where are you located?

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