Welcome Home

He's a real asshole, but he's hot. In fact, he's famous for being hot. Which is the reason he's an asshole.
Despite that I find myself constantly going to the window to see if he's arrived. He's told me that he is on his way. But like the asshole that he is that could mean 30 minutes or 3 hours. I keep checking.
I hear the noise of a motor and look outside, it's him. My heart rate increases as I step out of my shorts and drop my shirt. Per our agreement he's free to stop by and use me whenever he wants. Per his demand, I am naked when he arrives.
He doesn't try to knock, he knows he doesn't have to. I open the door as he approaches, hiding behind it to hide myself from outside view. He stops right inside the door as I close it after him and drop to my knees.
I unhook his belt, unfasten his pants, and gently slide them down to his knees. I make sure I'm gentle, if not he will hit me. As I do this he reaches in his back pocket and removes his phone. It clears the pocket as the pants go down.
I know my role. The cock dissapears into my mouth as soon as it appears. I don't play with his balls, I don't grab his ass. I leave my hands at my sides and do not touch him unless I'm told to do so. He's getting it exactly the way he likes it, a submissive mouth sucking on its knees.
I'm sucking and slurping. My tongue is traveling over and around. He's ignoring me, poking at his phone. He doesn't acknowledge me. Usually he never does. He arrives, I get on my knees, then he leaves. I can hear clicking as he types. He's talking to someone, or maybe surfing the web.
His phone rings. That has never happened before. He answers, still not acknowledging me. I'm not told to stop, so I don't. "Yeah, what's up dude? No. No, I didn't tell him to do that." It's fucked up, but being ignored this way really turns me on. I'm a nameless, faceless servant, being used by a master that knows he's in control.
He keeps talking. I keep sucking. He's talking about work. Some stupid decision another manager made. At one point I swirl (ror) my tongue around the head and he groans. It's the only acknowledgment of my existence so far. The caller heard it too, I can hear them asking about it. "Don't worry about it dude, I'm in the middle of something."
He finishes the call and hangs up. I see him set the phone on the window sill. Hes still standing in the same place and it's the only flat surface in reach. It's the same window I use to watch for him.
His right hand reaches down and grabs a handful of my hair. It's another of his demands. I don't have long hair, but it's long enough to grab. He likes to control my head so I grew it out. Anything to please him.
His left hand slides under my chin. The palm of his hand is on one side of my face. His fingers extend under my chin, all the way across to the other side. He has control of my head and starts to face fuck me.
Slowly at first, then faster. Then he will alternate back to slow. Pushing in all the way and drawing back out, slowly. I press my tongue against the bottom of his cock, he likes that. He's never said so, I just figured it out on my own. I try to use the time on my knees wisely.
Suddenly he let's go and pushes my face away. I'm confused and off balance, this has never happened before. As I'm trying to figure out what to do, it comes hard. His right hand lashes out and strikes my face. Before I can respond he's grabbing a handful of my hair. His cock is back in my mouth and he's thrusting violently. My head is locked in place by his strong hands. My face stings and he's gagging me with his cock. All thoughts of pleasuring him are gone. Now I'm just trying to survive.
He pulls away. His cock is rock hard, swinging inches in front of my face. "Turn around bitch." I don't move fast enough. He hits me again. "On all fours, now." He shoves my head away from him in the direction he wants it to go. As my head sails away on his hard shove I pivot on my knee. My ass comes around and he grabs my hips, pulling me roughly into place. I finally stop moving, my asshole inches from his hard drool covered dick. He smacks my ass, hard. Then again on the other side. He grabs a hand full of my hair and jerks my head back. I know what's going to happen, he's going to fuck me. I've wanted him too for a long time, wanted to take him into my body desperately, but he never has.
I feel the head at my hole. He doesn't hesitate, even though there's no lube. He roughly pushes past my entrance and shoves his way inside. I feel his cock bottom out as his hips impact my ass. I can't enjoy it, I'm too busy screaming. The pain is unlike anything I've ever felt before. It's like a hot poker in my most intimate place.
I stop screaming as a hand goes in my mouth. He's fish hooked me with four fingers and is pulling my head violently back and to the side. The other one still has a grip in my hair. "Shut the fuck up bitch."
He starts ramming me right away. There is no hesitation, there is no mercy. The pain gets worse and I can't believe that's possible. I've only had two guys in the past. They were both gentle and slow, he is not. He's talking shit to me as he's pounding me. Occasionally he will take his hand out of my mouth and hit me. Then it goes right back. "You like that bitch. You do what you're told, don't ya? Givin daddy that nice tight ass."
I've never known him to be cruel before. Suddenly he stops and pulls out. "Spread your knees," he demands. When I don't react fast enough he releases my mouth and smacks my ass, hard. "Now!" he screams. I don't even think about it. My knees slide apart so that I don't get hit again. He reaches between my legs and gathers my entire package in his hand. I'm in so much pain it's easy for him. I couldn't get hard now if I tried. With a cruel snicker he closes his hand and tightly crushes my cock and testicles together. I start to scream and thrash. His left hand is still twisted in my hair. I go nowhere as he pulls my head back and uses it to control my movements. Then, cruelly, he starts to pull and twist my package as he squeezes. The pain from my asshole is nothing compared to this, I have never felt anything like it. I did not even know it was possible to feel this much pain.
I hear a tearing sound and my head is free. I pull away and land on my back screaming in pain. He still has a handful of my balls and as I look back I see the other one holding hair between the fingers. The son of a bitch has pulled my hair out. Despite the pain I manage to horse kick him with my foot. I'm aiming for his dick, but I hit him in the thigh. I'm about to kick again when he dives over my leg and punches me hard in the face.
I can hear someone talking in low tones but can't make out what they're saying. It's difficult to hear over the sounds of the baby crying in the distance. As I slowly come to I realize the low voice is him, talking shit to my unconscious form. Not long after that I realize the crying baby is me. I'm face down on the floor and he's back inside me, pounding with abandon. My hands are bound tightly behind me and my ankles are tied together. I found out later that I'm bound with cables stolen from my computer.
I no longer feel pain in my ass or package. It might just be shock, but I'm terrified he's done something worse down there. As he's pounding me on the floor he's using the back of my head to hold himself up. I can feel his two hands smashing my face into the carpet. I assume the slapping sound I hear is his balls colliding with mine though I'm not sure. I can't feel much down there.
"You like that bitch. Take that dick. Take it." As he says that I can tell that he has finally cum. It must have been a great orgasm, he was shaking and gasping for a good 30 seconds. Then he collapsed on my back and inexplicably started kissing my neck, gently. He's laying on me and enjoying the feeling like I'm a fucking mattress. Occasionally he'll stroke my body or kiss me. His cock is still inside of me but has long since gone soft. Finally, when he is ready, he rises. He gets slowly to his feet, breathing a sigh of contentment. I don't bother to look at him but can hear the sounds of him getting dressed. He helped himself to my shirt and used it to wipe the blood and shit from his flaccid dick. I know that because when he was done he dropped it on my face. He made sure to laugh and taunt me as he did it.
"Thanks for the great lay baby. You made daddy feel real good. That boy pussy was nice and tight for me" he said. "Do you mind if I piss before I go, it's a long drive back?" With that it hit me. Warm and wet and reeking of ammonia. He must not have been drinking enough water. As I lay on my stomach, hands bound behind me, he pissed all over me. From my head to my feet, and especially all over the ass he just took for himself.
If he had asked I would have given him anything he wanted. Maybe he didn't think I would? Maybe he didn't care? Maybe he's just an asshole that wants what he wants? Whatever the reason, when he finished pissing on me, he put his dick away he left. As the door closed it cut off the sound of his laughter.

It was 24 hours before I could move. The bindings didn't help but it wouldn't have mattered, I was too weak. I laid there, intermittently crying and sleeping until I had the strength to struggle, no one came for me. I had pissed and shit all over myself in those 24 hours, I even threw up a few times. Despite that I did eventually managed to work myself out of my bindings. A friend agreed to take me to a doctor. It was a free clinic and no one asked any questions. I was many weeks recovering and have told no one.

Apr 25

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