When I was 18 a 36 year old women seduced me and it was incredible for my ego. While I was on my back and she was sucking my cock, she lifted my legs up and started to tongue fuck my asshole. It felt unbelievably great and I didn’t want her slippery tongue to ever stop lapping my butthole and my cum filled balls. I held out as long as I could, I when I was about to blow my load, she took my cock into her mouth and when I erupted, she swallowed all of my hot cum. She looked so satisfied, she got my whole load except for some jizz that dripped onto her big tits. What a great night. Ever since , I’ve always wanted my asshole licked , it’s such a turn on to have your cock laying across a girls face while her nose and tongue are up inside of your asshole. My last girlfriend gently rubber her index finger over my asshole while I jacked off a huge sticky load all over her pretty face. A girl that is willing to play with my asshole is worth anything she wants. In return , now I love giving rimjobs to my girlfriends. My favorite position is with them on all fours and their tight little butt cheeks spread apart. I will lick their tight asses as long as they wish. I go all up and down the crack and can cum just from the smell of their assholes. I make them push their whole ass in my face and smother me with ass. My cock will be standing at attention during this and drooling pre cum . Asshole and play is just the best.

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  • Love licking a sexy woman from behind. Pull her pants down, bend her over, open her asscheeks and taste her up and down

  • Let her peg your ass you'll love it

  • I would definitely let her

  • Love to 69 a sexy woman, with my nose in her puckered asshole sniffing and my lips and tongue all over her pussy

  • Yes that's great. Rubbing you face all up in it.

  • The best part of 69ing for me is when I’m on my back and the hot ass is slowly lowered onto my face. Just seeing and knowing that my lovely partner is about to get a long tongue up her asshole sends shivers through me. I love it when she smothers and rubs her crack all over my face. I love tongue fucking them

  • Love licking and getting licked. I get so turned on watching porn and they start licking ass.

  • Love eating asshole

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