She male

I’m a male and I watch porn with she males. I can’t believe how hot they are. I’m amazed how nice their bodies are. I would like to pick one up at a club not knowing she’s a male. Then take her home and start kissing her. Then reach down and I feel her big cock. Then she gets on top of me and starts rubbing her cock on me. Then she pulls down my pants and starts sucking my cock. She takes off her skirt and has an amazing ass. I start licking her asshole. My tongue going in and out of her asshole. Then I stick my cock up her asshole. She loves it. Then she makes me get onto my stomach and starts fucking my ass. I would love for her to fuck my asshole.

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  • Never been with a tranny, but I want to so badly. But will never happen. I live in a small town, and not allowed to go anywhere without my wife. Only alone time I get is when she is at work. I work from home.
    There is a young gay man that lives in the condo next to ours. He average looking, about 5' 4" tall, somewhere around 260#, he's a big boy. He has longer dark hair not guite to his shoulders. Being a heavy person, he has natural breasts that will fill a "B" cup bra. His penis is what you would call a, micro penis. When soft it's pretty much nonexistent. When his penis is fully erect it's between 2.5" to 3" long. We first got together 6 months ago. No one was home at our house, and I didn't think our neighbor was home either, because his car was gone. Well the back yards are fenced, and like going out there naked, look at tranny porn on my laptop and masterbate. Well day I had just finished blowing my load all over my belly, I heard a noise ad looked up to see my neighbor standing on his belconey watching me, needless to say I was embarrassed. Well a few days later he came over with some beer, we sat a talked, then he brought up the subject of seeing me masterbating in the back yard. Well one thing led to another, we started watching gay/tranny porn on my laptop and masterbating. As I was about to cum he dropped to his knees, took my hand off my cock and startedsucking it. Well I instantly blew my load. I then let him finish masterbating himself and cum on my limp cock. Luckly his chest, boobs, and big ass, are the same size as my wife, so her bra and panties along with the rest of her clothes fit him perfectly. So now when he comes over, he will dress up in some of my wife's lingerie, come out and suck my cock hard, I'll fuck his ass and either cum in his ass our his mouth. Them I will masterbate him and let him cum anywhere on me he wants too. He tell me hes not a tranny, maybe a crossdresser, but mostly just gay.

  • Would love to fuck a she male with a nice round bubble butt. I'm also amazed at how big their cocks are. I would like trying it up my ass by a she male.

  • My darling, I am a 32 year old she-male and very feminine in my appearance. I love dressing in silky lingerie and have silky floaty dresses to die for!!!! I would love to play with you and you would love the size of my cock. We could spend a lot of time fucking each other.

  • Would love you to fuck my ass while you are wearing pantyhose and heels.

  • Wow, I'm in love with you through your words. Where are you located? I would pay you anything you wanted, if you would just fuck my ass, then shoot your load down my throat.

  • I'm in New Jersey and would love to fuck your asshole and stick my tongue in and out of your asshole. Then finger your asshole and get it ready for my cock.

  • You naughty boy!!! Well you like the sound of me do you, well, you would love my appearance and love the feeling of my erection beneath my lingerie. I would choke you with my hot silky spunk as I have a very powerful ejaculation and I love being sucked off! I think if I penetrated your arse you would not want me to stop, you would be so aroused by the feeling of my cock inside you that you would just submit to me, squealing for me to cum!!!


  • Yes I think I would love it too.

  • Well you naughty boy, I'm wearing the most sensual silky lingerie right now, thinking about taking my penis from my silky French knickers, gelling your bottom and entering you with my thrusting erection. You would be lying on your back with a pillow under your lower back, I would be on top of you so you could feel the silk material caressing your naked body with you kissing me and watching my facial expressions as I penetrate deep inside you. You are crying for me to cum, wrap your legs around my hips my darling, pull me into you ,I'm cumming, I'm cumming my sweet boy, oooohhh!! can you feel my cum flooding your bottom, oooohhh!!! lovely, lovely, lovely!!!!

  • Love to join in, a chick with a dick is hot

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