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I’m 32. Married. 1 daughter. I developed late. My boobs sprouted but didn’t really develop till late, and even now they are small. I’m asian, fairly strict parents. I lost my virginity at 17, boyfriend, my parents didn’t even know we were going out. Round his house. I didn’t intend too. A big thing in our family to be a virgin when I married. He took my virginity, finished with me following week. I probably was useless. I knew nothing really. I shared a room and a bed with my younger sister, I’d barely even touched myself. I was devastated.
My best friend Selina. Her parents separated. I would visit her more at her dads. My parents didn’t know. Closer to our house. He was fun, always mischievous. Ready smile. Looked after himself. Fit. Would slap Selina’s bum commenting on her developing. He first slapped mine at 17 or he would pinch it and then feel. He would give us both a beer. Summer holidays 2009, left school and he calls me back in to the kitchen, He’s sitting on a stool. I was following Selina to her room with my beer. I go back in and he puts his arm around my waist and then feels my bum through my trousers. He says he can see I’m becoming a woman, I don’t know what to say just nod. His other hand went to my chest, over my top and he felt them, saying I’m filling my bra now. I nod again. I’m frozen. He pulls it out and looks down my top. His hand moves from my bum to my sex and he cups me there, are you still a virgin? I shake my head. Good girl. Thought not. That’s why your developing. Come round tomorrow evening, now go to Selina. Not a word mind.
Selina isn’t there the next night and I nearly didn’t knock. In the kitchen again and I watch in a trance as he undoes my jeans and pulls them down. Than my knickers. First thing he said , that’s fucking gorgeous. Hairy and black. Wet as well. Get a condom from that draw, have you put one on before? I’ll show you. I couldn’t put it on but he did. We had sex on the floor.
He was my first love. I lost my embarrassment about my body. He loved licking me. And fingering me. He would lick me even on my period. He also insisted on watching me masturbate. No man has ever done that since. He made me squirt. I thought I was going to pass out. I would masturbate in the kitchen on the stool whilst he made food. Sometimes he passed me a wooden spoon or a cucumber and I’d use it. I put a lot of things inside me you’d never dream of normally. Broom handle, even tried the remote. If it was the right shape and size it probably went in. When it was just the 2 of us I was never dressed. Sometimes he would eat off me working his way down to my sex. He took photos. I like he still has them.
We all moved on. I went to university. Selina did too. She knew but didn’t want to know. I had quite a lot of sex at uni but personally nothing beats an experienced man. He got married. After uni I got married. Arranged. Grown to love him, he’s older 5 years. Very different sex but still good. I miss being young though and being so desirable to a man.

Apr 17

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    • Oh, baby doll ! What a beautiful story about coming of age!

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